5 best rackets for badminton doubles (Part 3)

4. Victor Jetspeed S10

The Jetspeed line is an improved tennis racket from products in Victor’s Brave Swords line. Jetspeed S10 is designed to focus on improving the speed of the racquet like the Brave Swords models. However, the power of Jetspeed 10 is much better than the Brave Sword. However, Jetspeed 10 has a smaller than average frame with a stiffer shaft, so it will be a little harder to use. You can take a little time to get used to this racket but after a while of use you will find it great.

Victor Jetspeed S10 is equipped with 2 of the most advanced technologies of Victor: Pyrofil and Nano Fortify. Pyrofil is a technology developed by Victor in cooperation with Mitshubitshi, Japan’s second largest industrial corporation.

Thanks and increase the tennis racket movement speed. Thanks to its speed and perfect strength, the badminton racket Victor Jetspeed S10 has become one of the best doubles bats on the market today.

Badminton racket Victor Jetspeed S10

Balance point: flexible

Hardness / plasticity: hard

Weight: 3U / 4U (85-89g / 80-85g)

Rope tension: 9-13 kg

5. Li Ning badminton racket N90 III

This is a great racket with good control of the bridge and has the ability to make accurate passes on the opponent. With high tension, you will easily create power in the powerful smashes. As a flexible balance, Li Ning N90 III is good at both offensive and defensive.

Balance point: Flexible

Hardness / plasticity: Medium

Weight: 3U (85-89g)

Wire tension: 10- 14 kg

It can be said that double play in badminton matches does not require much strength of the player but to coordinate well with your teammates, you need to have good technique and a badminton racket. Above are 5 best badminton doubles rackets that you can refer to today. Which racket do you think is the best of the 5? Feel free to comment on the top 5 best doubles players by commenting in the article.