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Alicia and Sven riding camels on Cable Beach Western Australia.Hi! We are Alicia and Sven. We are currently in our late twenties and very lucky to be in a happy and healthy relationship for the past eight years…and counting. We love traveling, movies, all sorts of outdoor activities and good food.

So, what is this site about?

We started the Fun Couple Activities site as a way to help inspire others to enjoy more of life, build on a happy and healthy relationship and just have fun doing it! We will be sharing personal stories and adventures, our recommendations for fun activities you can do as a couple, as well as a few of our relationship secrets. We are not relationship gurus, but the things we do as a couple works. We hope that something on this site helps you, but mostly we just want you to have more fun with your special someone! If you see anything that captures your interest, please go ahead and share your thoughts or personal experiences, we’d love to hear from you!

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