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Grand Slam is for Canadian doubles only

For the past 4 years, Canadian tennis players have reached the semi-finals, finals or Grand Slam titles in singles, doubles, and mixed doubles.

It should be added that the most prominent tournament in Canada is the Canadian Masters or Rogers Cup, a tournament that attracts many excellent racers around the world. For men, the Canadian Masters are classified as an ATP Masters 1000 event and for women, the tournament is considered the 5th WTA Grand Slam.

Every year, the venues are switched between Montreal and Toronto. If one year the men’s tournament is held in Toronto, then Montreal will host an event for girls. The following year, the order was reversed.

Overall, tennis in Canada will take a long time to catch up with more popular sports like ice hockey and lacrosse. Of course, saying that does not mean that tennis players like Eugenie Bouchard and Milos Raonic were not noticed when reaching the final at Wimbledon in 2014 and 2016.

Grant Connell is the great pride of Canadian tennis in the world, in the doubles category

Then Bianca Andreescu appeared and became the first Canadian racket to win a Grand Slam title in the singles after she beat Serena Williams in the US Open final over the weekend.

Before Andreescu and many other generations, Mike Belkin was considered the best tennis player in Canada for 5 years from 1966 to 1972. Belkin’s best performance at the Grand Slam was at the Australian Open 1968, he reached the quarterfinals, before losing to top seed William Bowrey.

Unlike Belkin, Grant Connell is one of the best doubles rackets in the world, having held the No. 1 position in November 1993. In 11 years of his career, Connell won 22 doubles titles, reaching at least semi-finals in all four Grand Slams, including runner-up at the Australian Open 1990, Wimbledon 1993, 1994, 1996.

Until recently, Canadian tennis had Vasek Pospisil excelling in doubles. At Wimbledon 2015, Pospisil reached the quarterfinals in the singles, but in the doubles, he won 6 ATP titles, including Wimbledon in 2014 with his friend Jack Sock.

However, the first Canadian female player to win a Grand Slam title was Gabriela Dabrowski when she won the French Open 2017 in doubles with Rohan Bopanna. This year, Dabrowski got the second Grand Slam title when he won the Australian Open with Croatia’s Mate Pavic. Also in the men’s tournament is Sebastien Lareau when he won the US Open 1999 with Alex O ‘Brien in the doubles.

The last Canadian to be mentioned is Daniel Nestor, the doubles specialist with 91 titles in his career. Among these are 8 titles Grand Slam doubles men, 4 titles Grand Slam doubles men and women.

The strategy in badminton doubles for men and women (Part 1)

Today’s article we will learn and share more about tactics for men and women in badminton doubles. Let’s check out by reading on!

In badminton, mixed doubles are also a relatively common form of fighting. However, unlike the men’s and women’s doubles strategy, the popular strategy in badminton doubles for men and women is that the male is often supposed to be the one who attack. Women are the ones who stand closer to the net and create opportunities for men to attack.

The difference in badminton doubles for men and women

As mentioned above, the badminton doubles for men and women often take ownership of men and women are the one who create opportunities and defenses. Male players tend to stand in the back more and cover the area between the court and the back court. Meanwhile, female players will tend to stand close to the net and protect the net area.

1. Delivery

Female players

Should try to short and low serve close to the net and should suddenly combine a long serve or serve. This makes the opponent must always be in a position to judge your serve and also not be caught, paralyzed serve.

When the female player serves, the male player is completely in a position to attack. Therefore, when the female serves well, it creates a very good opportunity for male players to make a definite shot.

Male players

As with female players, it is advisable to make a short serve, as close to the net as possible. Male and female players in doubles always have to stand behind women so the demand line will be longer so the opponent will have more time to move up the net and “catch” the serve. This forces male players to regularly practice to get a good serve in the men’s and women’s doubles category.


Working to sort out problems
Scuba diving gives couples a chance for problem-solving through the post-dive debrief and discuss how issues that emerge could be addressed in the future. Relationships requires hard work and problem solving together is an excellent way to handle those problems together as a team, not as individuals.

Good Times
Scuba is fun and having fun is essential to any healthy relationship. Scuba exposes you to both great marine life as well as historic artifacts. As a scuba diver, you and your partner can discover new things in a world that so few people have been able to see with their own eyes. Such as instead of heading to Cancun for a quick vacation to enjoy a margarita on the beach, you can visit MUSA, the underwater museum features over 500 permanent life-sized and monumental sculptures.   If you visit Hawaii, you can enjoy a night dive on the Big Island.

One of the best things about relationship is sharing adventures and experiences, especially when getting out of the water and share what you have witnessed. Scuba diving is fun, especially when being able to share it with someone special. And in the end, it doesn’t have to be just your spouse. If you have children, they are certainly qualify too and you can make it a family thing.
No matter what level your relationship is; new or old, going great or going through some ups-and-downs, scuba diving will strengthen your relationship in a very unique way by increasing your communication with your partner as planning an activity together, having fun as spend time on special occasion such as a Valentine’s Day weekend, honeymoon, Xmas or any time you want to spice up your lives as a couple.

So don’t miss out on this incredible sport! 

How to avoid losing points when serving in tennis doubles

When you play tennis in single matches, losing points on the serve is extremely annoying, but in doubles it is almost a sin that you can not forgive yourself. Because in two-person battles, the serving side will have a great advantage over the opponent.

So, you can not ruin these serves to make them know Break. In other words, you have to do everything you can to create pressure on the opponent and keep your serve. Therefore, to be a reliable teammate depends a lot on the basic principles of serve. Refer to a few suggestions below to be able to win your matches with your companion!

There are a lot of people who get the mission to play below but can’t complete their tasks, but the outcome of the game depends mainly on the teammate who is serving. What the grid player needs to pay close attention to is the proper displacement. Doing this will make it more difficult for your competitors to locate you.

Attacking players should stand in the middle of the serve box. As such, they can move to other positions more easily, from which they can comfortably stop a difficult fight. Never stand too close to the net because then will not be able to get a suitable angle to cut the opponent’s counterattack, also completely failed for the ball.

The pitcher should not stand too far from the center marker on the baseline

In the middle of this line is the ideal serve for the couple. One of the first rules of tennis delivery is to hit your opponent’s weakness and serve it straight there. From a wider angle you will probably be hitting the opponent’s strengths, which is also the mistake that makes the game change the direction.

If you have the second ball can be trusted, the first phase is just risking to find opportunities to score directly. Or put your opponent in a more disadvantageous position. If you do not dare to commit that your second serve is reliable, try to end at the first serve, then it will be more comfortable to think about going to the net.

For example, Pete Sampras, when playing in doubles matches, the audience will never have to worry and pay attention to the fact that he has an effective serve because his second shot was very effective. However, some other players do not dare to think about it when the difference in speed between the two serves is quite large.

Hope you now know how to avoid losing points when serving in tennis doubles.


Valentine’s Day is coming and you are probably looking for something fun and different to do as a couple despite having dinner out, or watching a movie.  Why not try something out of the ordinary by showing your partner a little spontaneity in life such as get certified and go diving. Research found that couples who spent time jointly doing new and exciting sports are more satisfied with their relationships. These are the reasons why.

Couples get to learn to communicate in a diverse way such as hand signals rather than talking.  Learning how to effectively communicate with each other will enhance the trust, honesty, and respect the relationship. Develop the communication to a whole new level to strengthen the relationship much stronger as a couple.  Even a sense of quiet while you are both underwater can carry on in a different type of “language”.

Planning toward common goals – from simple things like what you pack to where you dive when you’re underwater or who will drive home after the dive.  Scuba diving doesn’t begin the minute you get in the water; it begins the moment you decide to go. You should start planning on logistics a few days in advance bringing snacks, cash, and decisions where to go for lunch after the dive, the checklists and gear.  That can be a lot of fun as you do a double check on your partner’s equipment which is also a good way to understand your partner’s “needs and wants”. Given the planning, the checklist and the communication of what you wish to accomplish on these particular dives , you can decide what gear you need to bring to ensure having a great time because you have both planned and agreed on what to get out of this adventure. A win-win for both.

Tandem skydiving in Dubai (Part 2)

With Tandem skydiving, you will fly with a professional parachute instructor using safety keychains. When performing the jump, the guide will guide you step by step or perform for you difficult movements. In addition, you will also have a photographer to dance with even next to you so you can record extremely poisonous moments in the sky of Dubai.

2. Dubai skydiving tools and costs

A basic kit for parachuting will include parachutes, helmets, goggles, altimeter and AAD equipment to help you parachute automatically when you reach the required height.

Thanks to increasingly advanced and sophisticated manufacturing technology, the cost of skydiving kits has also increased significantly, an average of about $5,000. However, this kit can be fully rented for a much softer price or if you book the Tandem skydiving service at the skydiving centers in Dubai, the rental cost will be included in the total cost.

When traveling to Dubai, visitors can come to Skydive Dubai as one of the most famous and prestigious parachuting facilities. The skydiving price to land in the Desert Campus is 1699 and the landfall in Palm Campus palm island is 2199 AED.

3. Important note when skydiving

As this is an extreme sport, you need to be aware of the rules regarding health before jumping to be safe. Which includes:

Do not drink alcoholic beverages or use stimulants within 24 hours before parachuting.

The BMI of a woman’s body must not exceed 27.5; weighing not more than 90kg while men’s BMI is not more than 30; weighing no more than 100kg.

Children under the age of 18 are not allowed to participate in skydiving. Seniors over 70 need a doctor’s consent to register.If you have other health problems, you must inform the tour guide in advance for possible action.

One final note is that the weather greatly affects skydiving. If the weather is not very good (rainy or windy) your parachute schedule may be delayed later. So book your trip as soon as possible to ensure there is enough time to balance the tour in case the booking is delayed.

With the above information, hopefully, you will have the opportunity to add an attractive experience in your journey to explore the world.

Mountain climbing – a form of marriage therapy

As with any relationship, couples have their share of sadness and struggle from sick children to financial issue, etc. And mountain climbing is a great getaway, an intense retreat in which requires them to focus 100 percent of their mind and energy so they don’t have time to think about the troubles at home. It’s just two of them together and rely on each other to survive as one loose rock could kill. 

Mountain climbing is a meditative and therapeutic experience for couple. They can either rush to climb as many mountains as possible in goal-oriented outbursts or choose to discover the slow, contemplative beauty of a more staid pace, the wildlife, the sunrises the sunsets, the tinh little animals. For things like that, people just have to be really patient. With all that, couples start to be more patient and appropriate each other. 

Research has consistently proved that exposure to nature reduces the level of stress and improves physical and emotional health and creates a strong bond among two individuals which are useful in a relationship. 

If you are ready to get on the sport, here are some peaks that great for beginners 

Mount Fuji, Japan, 3,776m

Mount Fuji is a single peak with the height of nearly 4,000m above Japan’s capital city, and one of the most-climbed mountains in the world. The route that people must hike to reach the top called Kawaguchiko, which starts at 2,300m and ends at the summit at 3,776m. It takes approximately eight hours round-trip for fit individuals to compete the route. The best hiking season is between July 1 to August 31.

Pikes Peak, United States, 4,302m

Pikes Peak is located in the continental United States with the height of 4,302m. Hikers can choose either to hike up the route on the mountain’s north side, hop on the cog railway or hitch a ride in a car. From the trailhead, the 21km hiking route gains 2,250m, offers amazing scenery on a strenuous day.

The difference between Ice Dancing and Pair Skating

Ice skating and pair skating look like skater, but two figure skating are very different. This short article explains these differences.

Ice dancing, at the same time, is like dancing on ice but becoming more and more athletic. In the pair of skates, the man lifts the woman above his head and the couple moves acrobatically with difficulty.

Spinning is done together in both areas, but in pairs of unique solo skating jumps and spin is also done in unison.

Ice Dancing can be completed alone

The dancers on the ice make complicated steps with the music and have to slide to a certain beat. Ice skating can be practiced and performed by solo skaters, but double-skating requires a team of both men and women.

Some holding hands and positions are expected

Most ice dancers like to dance for free. Figure skating fans also like to watch dancing for free as it is fun and beautiful to watch. Free skating and double skating can look like ice skating fans.

Pair skating is quite similar to single skating

Pair skating is a variation of single skating. Two skaters, a man and a woman, or a boy and a girl, skating together. Dance, spin, and footsteps are part of the free skating that occurs in double skating, and two skaters make lifts as well as additional pair spins and throwing jumps.


Music used in free dancing at the competition may include vocal arrangements. In double skating, only musical instruments are allowed in the competition, but that will change in 2015.

Adults like Ice Dancing

Performing model dance dances does not require dancing or spinning, so ice skating is common among adult figure skating. Social dance and weekend ice dance are popular activities among adult ice dancers.

Ice Dancers and Pair Skaters are great skateboarders

Some pairs of skaters also dance on tapes, and some ice dancers make pairs. In the past, skaters who didn’t like dancing chose ice skating, but in recent years that has changed.

However, above all, both subjects require strong skating and athletic skills.

Things couples can learn from pairs skaters (part 2)

3. Forgiveness is divine

If you compare your Valentine’s Day gift of some dumb little thing from CVS with your partner lost you a gold medal, well, you might be able to take a deep breath and calm down.

Forgiveness is key to skating partnerships as well as relationships, where little errors in implementation can mean the difference between victory and being defeat.

Imagine that some tiny mistakes can cost them to lose points, and it’s the same in relationships, the little thing like forgetting to take out the garbage, or to put the toilet seat down, etc. is pretty much the same. It’s those really tiny things that are hard to forgive but really should be forgiven.

Skaters never to leave the ice mad, as they consider that life is about moments: If one hate other this moment, they may still love each other the next.

4. Learn to trust

Falling backward into someone’s arms can cause anxiety, that’s why trust-building corporate is so important to pairs skating. In fact, many people just can’t handle it — even great skaters individually.

Giving up control and surrendering to a partner is hard for anyone, but we all should learn to do it because anything takes hard work but you should know that your partner will be there for you despite their strong personalities. In a stressful situation, the ability to trust will help build a great and long- lasting relationship. 

5. Define your roles

Men take the lead in pair skating, and even if that sounds a little retrograde for regular couples, the same rule should be applied.Who washes dishes, who take responsibility for the laundry, the tasks should be equally divided and try switching roles regularly. Once a week — trading bathroom cleaning for cooking, for example, ycan give each partner a break and help you appreciate what the other person does.

Tandem skydiving in Dubai (Part 1)

With its long coastline, sunny and windy weather, sea sports and outdoor sports are an experience not to be missed when traveling in Dubai. In particular, skydiving is becoming more and more popular as an attractive sport, helping visitors conquer the sky.

To put it simply, Skydiving is an activity that you will jump from the sky, from a light aircraft. And according to professional people are called tandem skydiving. Skydiving is an action sport in which you will jump off an airplane in the air and fall freely back to earth in accordance with the laws of gravity.

The process of skydiving begins with a state of free fall for a certain period of time after leaving the aircraft, the speed of falling gradually increases and the skydiver parachutes out at a certain height above the ground.

With the adventure game Skydive, you will be jumping with a professional skydiver, and from the expertise they call pair dancing. So, you do not need to know a little bit about skydiving techniques to join Skydive.

1. Skydiving – a fascinating sport when traveling in Dubai

The world came to know the term “skydiving” for the first time on October 22, 1797, when André Jacques Garnerin made the pioneering jump in human history at an altitude of 980m. After that, skydiving was mainly used in the military and became one of the effective ways to help soldiers access important fronts from the air.

Skydiving was recognized as an international competitive sport in 1952 and it is now one of the most popular adventure sports for thrilled athletes.

In Dubai, skydiving is a popular sport, attracting a large number of people and visitors to attend. If you have the opportunity to stay in Dubai for a long time, you can sign up for package classes to fly yourself in the sky soon. But if you’re just visiting Dubai for a few days, the best way for you to experience this sport is tandem skydiving.