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Things regular couples can learn from pairs skaters

Couples watching skaters are probably hoping their relationships would be more like the ones on the ice, gliding across the ice with smiles and interlaced hands. Everything is in sync, movement is mirrored by another. Muscle meets with grace. They spend way more time together than most married couples. Do you know that you and your partner can be just like that and here’s how they make it work.

1. Share a purpose
One thing that really helps skaters tay in sync is having a common goal. Thinking of your romantic partnership as a team, sharing the same dream and working together to get through challenges and become stronger. At the end of the day, that’s how things work. Discovering a shared dream might take time and efforts. For some couples, that purpose might be raising a family while others have bigger purposes such as Bill and Melinda Gates whose mission is to cure the world of malaria. You can start at a smaller scale as helping out your community. With the sharing purpose, anytime you disagree, it’s probably because you’re trying to get to the same place, so that makes it easy to get over. You both might have very agreeable personalities and a lot of respect for one another so it never escalates.

2. Talk, talk seriously
Communication is great for any couples even skaters. Communication helps skaters develop skills together which also apply to couples. Whenever you’re on a different page or have a different vision on things, sit down and talk about it efficiently. To get a common point, it requires a constant back-and-forth. For skaters, whenever they’re in a tight spin, they’re communicating without anyone knowing by body language. They know what the other is thinking before even one has to talk it out loud. So, it’s safe to say: Communication is critical to any partnership, romantic or otherwise. Talk as much as you can and to do it right, you must get the message across so that your partner hear what you meant to say.

Getting ready for a double kayaks trip (Part 2)

Be fully equipped and practice the use of rescue equipment such as life buoys, life jackets even if you know how to swim in case of emergencies such as overflowing, boat capsizing, sinking, etc.

Survey and understand the terrain, plan the distance and especially not forget to see the weather forecast to be able to take the initiative in any situation. The process of boating, rescue and rescue must always follow the instructions of the team leader, head, or rescuer.

Note on the attire and accessories included in the sailing

Apparel and accessories suitable for double kayak are sports apparel, or items that fit comfortably, wear sneakers or strap sandals. Necessary accessories are glasses, raincoats. Electronic devices such as phones, watches, cameras, etc. need waterproof protection.

Other notes

When double kayaking, keep in mind some notes as follows.

You should go in groups, should not go individually, should not arbitrarily separate groups, do not stand on the boat, do not litter indiscriminately.

Start trying boating in calm water until adapted and become proficient to move on the rugged terrain and wider.

Paddle when inflatable Kayak usually has 2 types: Short oars and long oars. The oars are short with a short paddle, but push the boat faster than the long paddle. The square paddle paddle is easier for beginners, and the professional will choose the feathered paddle.

Sit and row with the most comfortable posture and posture, relax your hands, do not need to be stiff or hold tight.

Kayaking can help bring many benefits for players such as exercise, mental shock, conquering nature, accumulating valuable experiences, and especially discovering many interesting things around us.

Enjoying the scenery from a new perspective, fully immersed in the river, nature, it is part of the experience that players have with the Kayak. Perhaps, that is also the reason why the world’s tourists are extremely favorite. Double kayaking has also become a type of service enjoyed by adventure sports lovers in the world, especially young people.

Top 5 ski areas for couples

If you are looking for the best resorts to spend a good time together, here are some tips for you:

1. La Plagne

There are many charming villages and resorts in La Plagne with the world second largest ski area Paradiski which is perfect to share your passion of skiing.

2. Tignes

Tignes is a village consist of many hamlets on the mountain slopes in the center of the Vanoise mountains. There is an amazing resort in the centre of the beautiful nature with view over the Savoy mountain.

3. Val Thorens

Located in the 3 Valleys, Val Thorens is a reputation sport resort where you can experience the whole excitement of skiing with snow parks, freestyle, big air, and boarder cross.

4. Les Arcs

Les Arcs offers various resorts, including Arcs 1600, 1800, 1950, 2000, and Bourg-Saint Maurice in the charming villages with comfortable services for couples such as a spa, a pool and an open air ice rink for couples to experience romantic activities.

5. Méribel

Méribel is the top class resort which will impress you as an idyllic area for a wedding or a proposal in high mountain tops.

Tips on How to Ski Safely

If you’re ready for ski trip, you’d better be prepared. In this post, we recommend some tips for your safety:

Exercise in advance. You will enjoy more on the slopes if you’re in good shape; hence prepare yourself to skiing by exercising year-round on a regular basis.

Use proper ski equipment. With skiing, don’t borrow equipment or rent from a ski shop or the ski resort. You should invest in your equipment, make sure your ski boots, clothes and protective gear are fitted properly. 

Prepare for the weather: Check the weather forecast and wear layers of clothes, gloves or mittens, a helmet liner, a hat, or a headband, so you can easily adjust if necessary. Also, bring an extra pair of everything in case the first pair gets wet.

Couple ski together, stay together

Skiing is not an individual sport, it offers lots of fun when participating as a couple as it gives a feeling of freedom. But that isn’t all, here are some more advantages to ski as a couple:

1. Share the love 

Ski together throughout the slopes of the domain or ride the ski lifts would give you the perfect time to enjoy the snow, to share a hobby as well as a memorable time. Furthermore, you might enjoy many activities and events in ski areas during the day and at night such as local tastings to torch lit guides, nocturnal skiing, discovery, concerts, and dancing nights. All of new experience that you get to share with your loved one.

2. Make unforgettable memories

Be it a mountain gastronomical meal together at lunch or dinner on the top of the mountain with a breathtaking panorama will make your relationship even more important.

Or you can rent a cabin and enjoy the authenticity of a mountain setting in a romantic night with anecdotes, short gastronomical breaks, fall, laugh, and experience. All of which will let your love grow. 

When to go skiing with your beloved?

You can go anytime; however, there are certain occasions that are more appropriate for couples.

1. Christmas holidays

Christmas with snow, lights, animations, and music in the ski areas is so magical to ignite the heat of your love. It’s also feel like family staying together on that day. 

2. Valentine’s Day

The happiness of 14 February is undeniable, especially if you plan it secretly and surprise your loved one. To make it even better, remember to book a good altitude restaurants or in the resort and end the night in a bar where you can share hot chocolate together.

3. Spring

It’s time when the weather gets milder for you to enjoy the sun, the last skiers descend, the sunset and the spring snow while getting on the deserted tracks in a ski area. 

Badminton doubles technique for men and women (Part 3)

When in defensive posture, two players will stand in a parallel position, that is, spread to the left and right.

Defensive defense of the bridge

Pushing the bridge deep, bouncing: Bringing the bridge up in an invisible way will create conditions for the opponent to continue beating the bridge, but now you have no other choice. If the net is installed, it may be beaten at any time.

If you have the power to sprung, then sprung back as soon as possible and hope the rear bumps will lessen burning or reduced power, now take the opportunity to counterattack.


This is an extremely reasonable choice in the technique of playing badminton for men and women for you to switch from defense to attack. At this point, try to put the bridge over the control and fall right behind the back of the person in front (the bridge falls between the front and back).

At this time the opponent will be very difficult to continue to hit the bridge. high probability will cede that opportunity to you. If you do this correctly, you should be prepared to move into an offensive position.


This defensive move is very effective when the opponent is far from the net, however, your movements must be very accurate and “okay”. If the net is set too far or too far, accidentally create conditions for the opponent smashing the quality bridge.

The important thing is that you have to stick to the net, because teammates will not know how your shot, how the flight is, it is difficult to react if the opponent can hit the same net phase.

Half-pitch pushing

This shot is quite similar to cross-crossing, but its purpose is only to send the ball across the opponent’s court, effective when the person standing on the edge of the net is too close. Although it will be quite difficult to pass the upper hand, but if successful, the ability of the opponent will give you a chance to smash with their high kick.

Net defense

In addition to dams, the second most effective method of attack for the men’s and women’s badminton technique is using a net. Net netting is the best way to counter small drops, but if the bridge falls below the edge of the net, it is optional to use the shot, push, tuck or pull the net.

Getting ready for a double kayaks trip (Part 1)

Inflatable kayaking requires many qualities and skills in the player. However, if you have the technical, physical and mental preparation, you will no longer feel awkward, able to master the oars and wait for interesting experiences. This play brings. Let’s take a look at what to prepare before going into the game with a inflatable Kayak!

The skills to prepare before entering the game with inflatable Kayak

If you’re new, learn about double kayaks first. There are not only one types of double kayaks but there are many types of boats with all materials: Wooden double kayaks, Composite Plastic double kayaks, Inflatable double kayaks, etc. In which, the line of inflatable double kayaks is becoming more and more popular. Variable by features compact, safe, flexible, maneuverable

The boats have different narrow width designs suitable for each purpose of use such as tourism double kayaks, fishing double kayaks, surfing double kayaks, etc.Choosing which boat design is mainly based on ability rowing your boat.

Participating in training sessions, kayaking classes (at Kayak sale and rental agents, or Kayak boat clubs, etc.) are necessary before you decide. Sitting on the boat alone and “going to the sea”. Training sessions will help you gain basic skills on how to balance on a boat, how to row, how to fix your legs and thighs when rowing, and skills to handle emergencies on your own boat.

Kayak has the beauty that players can conquer from low to difficult levels. From static environments such as rivers, lakes, bays, etc. to estuarine, stream, waterfall, sea, etc. Consider the environment that’s right for you.

Prepare rescue rescue when inflatable kayak

Sit at the right load

Double kayaks are designed for 2 people rowing. Therefore, depending on whether the boat is single or double, the weight of the occupants is how much to estimate the number of seats for the correct load.

Work-out excersises to do with your partner (part 2)

Cross jump lunges

Start out doing 20 reps, then work it up for more. Cross jump lunges is a great cardio exercise, in which you’re facing each other, and challenge one another to go deeper into the lunge and push further past the 20 reps that you initially set out at the first place.

Jump squat with high five

Do 10 reps on each side then swap, gradually building up to 20 reps on each side. Doing this exercise, you should keep an upbeat tempo so you don’t lag behind and remember to mindful of your abs all the time to help you power through.

Wheelbarrow push ups

Do 10 reps, then swap. You’re also the ‘spot’ for this exercise so as soon as you notice your partner is struggling with the long form push-up position, you can help gently by placing their feet down on the floor for safety. Just make sure you bend together, and encourage your partner to stay strong and focussed throughout this challenging workout.

Leg toss and kiss

Do 10 reps of leg lifts, then swap. When doing the leg toss, you should focus on the ribcage so that you feel it imprinting down while stay relaxed in the shoulders, and press your hands down into floor. In case you experience lower back discomfort, jusy place your hands under your hips to help with the form.

Flat back chair twist

20 twists, gradually increasing for more. This is a great partner exercise as it requires lots of trust. In this excersice, you are required to lock hands and pull back from each other to sit down into an imaginary chair. Remember to keep your knees directly over ankles as bending to touch the floor, and you’ll feel the burn in your legs as well as in the waistline.

Couple combo (mountain climbers and wall sit)

Do 3 rounds of 30 seconds, then do 60 seconds, then increase 90 seconds, switching in between each one. This combo is basic although make sure you focus on encouraging each other to push, push, push! If mountain climbers aren’t challenging enough, hold a plank instead.

Work-out excersises to do with your partner (part 1)

Things are more fun when you do them with someone else, especially workouts. So, instead of curl up together and watch Netflix, why not team up and do a joint workout which will get you a great body while warm-up your relationship. If you’re ready, this is some of our suggestions for you to get started. 

1. Light squat jumps

This is a great warm-up exercise. Start with eight counts, followed by a wide deep squat and back up. Remember to engage your abs, keep your chest lifted, and make sure your knees don’t go past your toes while squatting. If you have mastered the exercise, increase the difficulty by switching to high knee jogs.

2. Push up cross high five

Do 10 reps high fiving on one side, then swap to the other side. Although people don’t like push-ups, they’re actually great for strengthening posture and revving up metabolic rate. Hence, this exercise will add some fun to the mundane exercise. For better effect, changing the tempo up for more control and a deeper workout. Always remember to engage your abs and keep your chin lifted out from your chest.

3. Wall sit with tricep dip

Start with 20 seconds of wall sit and then build from there with three rounds of tricep dip. You should hold each other accountable by doing a different workout each time, then swapping. A wall sit is an easy set-up for more challenging follow exercise, still it challenges the mind and body by blasting calories, streamlining legs, and building endurance for the muscles. Remember to keep your hips low, in line with knees, and the knees reach over the ankles but not past the toes. As soon as your posture right, add your partner to the mix doing tricep dips pressing down on the legs, which will be challenging but effective for all.

Badminton doubles technique for men and women (Part 2)

4. Handing and receiving in badminton technique for men and women

The spheres in badminton doubles are short-range and low to limit the opponent’s ability to attack at the first touch. On the contrary, with the receiver, players will find ways to make the smashes on the first phase or will fight back so that the opponent can not attack immediately.

Service: After serving, the two players must quickly switch to a coordinating position to attack, one on the top and one on the lower.

Receive: Before the opponent serves, two people must stand in parallel, one on each side to coordinate preparing to defend the opponent’s serve.

Badminton: This is a prerequisite if you want to win straight in the men’s and women’s badminton technique.

Technical badminton double

Smash the straight ball: If you are in a corner position, smash the ball straight and aim for the void of the weaker player on the opponent.

Middle Bridge Smashing: Sometimes, you should smash the middle of the stand of two opponents, this type of fight will cause confusion for the choice of who will support the opponent’s bridge. Meanwhile, the return phase will be less effective and create favorable conditions for the shot we will launch.

Smashing main people: This is a very unique and somewhat annoying way to fight. The weakest position for badminton players is usually on the racket handle, in the thigh area. This position, whether a forehand or a backhand shot, does not exert strength.

The prerequisite as mentioned above is to try to hit the ball as much as possible to make it difficult for the opponent to manage in the save phase.

Dropping (netting): Sometimes the smashing phase will make us exhausted, and the opponent’s physical strength is full. At this time, the phase dropped, netting will be the appropriate choice.

5 best rackets for badminton doubles (Part 3)

4. Victor Jetspeed S10

The Jetspeed line is an improved tennis racket from products in Victor’s Brave Swords line. Jetspeed S10 is designed to focus on improving the speed of the racquet like the Brave Swords models. However, the power of Jetspeed 10 is much better than the Brave Sword. However, Jetspeed 10 has a smaller than average frame with a stiffer shaft, so it will be a little harder to use. You can take a little time to get used to this racket but after a while of use you will find it great.

Victor Jetspeed S10 is equipped with 2 of the most advanced technologies of Victor: Pyrofil and Nano Fortify. Pyrofil is a technology developed by Victor in cooperation with Mitshubitshi, Japan’s second largest industrial corporation.

Thanks and increase the tennis racket movement speed. Thanks to its speed and perfect strength, the badminton racket Victor Jetspeed S10 has become one of the best doubles bats on the market today.

Badminton racket Victor Jetspeed S10

Balance point: flexible

Hardness / plasticity: hard

Weight: 3U / 4U (85-89g / 80-85g)

Rope tension: 9-13 kg

5. Li Ning badminton racket N90 III

This is a great racket with good control of the bridge and has the ability to make accurate passes on the opponent. With high tension, you will easily create power in the powerful smashes. As a flexible balance, Li Ning N90 III is good at both offensive and defensive.

Balance point: Flexible

Hardness / plasticity: Medium

Weight: 3U (85-89g)

Wire tension: 10- 14 kg

It can be said that double play in badminton matches does not require much strength of the player but to coordinate well with your teammates, you need to have good technique and a badminton racket. Above are 5 best badminton doubles rackets that you can refer to today. Which racket do you think is the best of the 5? Feel free to comment on the top 5 best doubles players by commenting in the article.