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Mistakes you should avoid when playing double badminton (Part 3)

5. Hard dam smashing

In the process of hitting the men’s double badminton, you just play when you see that the rising bridge is just like trying to beat, without knowing how the ball is, whether it is correct or not.

When the balls are hard to reach too far, When he performed the blow, the shuttle had no force, on the contrary the opponent countered and lost the initiative.

You want to keep beating to want to take the right to decide the score, you forget how hard it is to beat the bridge.


_Building the bridge to the right direction is easy, in front of you, do not let the person go back and still smash the bridge.

_No beat the stuffed ball, when the ball is a little out of reach, beat it to allow your teammates to decide on the word 2,3,4.

_ Note that you do not need to fight so hard to play safely, and cooperate with teammates, do not show it alone.

6. Standing forward and face to the back

This is a point that you just need to pay attention, when you play doubles often you stand in front of your opponent when they counter attack backwards, or turn your head back to see how.

This case is very dangerous during the game, you stand in front of you must not turn straight to look back, but only slightly glanced, if looking back after the counter-attack, especially the cross, easy to enter Straight eyes or face, at high risk of injury.


_Restrain to look straight back, so gradually practice feeling when listening to the bridge and practicing judgment, to handle each situation.

The above are some common mistakes in badminton doubles, for you and your newcomer to the basic badminton field, have an overview, and learn from experience while playing Badminton.

In the process of writing the sharing article, it is inevitable that the mistake, hope you have experience in badminton, the coaches give more comments to make the article always complete, and for the members to read and understand. , easy to grasp and easy to apply during the course of playing badminton increasingly better.

Chinese women’s team won the double table tennis in world championship

The finals of the Chinese and Japanese women’s team at the 2018 World Team Table Tennis Championships in Dalmstad, Sweden closed again with the victory belongs to China as 2 years ago. in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The Chinese trio of assassins Ding Ning, Liu Shiwen and Zhu Yuling once again surpassed their Japanese rivals Miu Hirano, Kasumi Ishikawa and Mima Ito.

Unexpectedly, Japan’s Mika Baba coach once again launched Mima Ito with the same vanguard as the clash between the two previous teams. Mika’s decision continued to show the correctness because Ito played with determination when defeating Liu Shiwen with a score of 3-2 (11-9, 8-11, 5-11, 11-8, 12-10) in an afternoon where Chinese coach Li Sun repeatedly used the right to consult to break up the opponent’s sublimation.

Ito suddenly took Japan 1-0 in the first match.

In the second match, Miu Hirano continued to use Mima Ito’s offensive play against Ding Ning. However, the Japanese tennis player cannot continue the winning streak of his teammates because the opponent is too strong. Possessing extremely dangerous left-backs, Ding Ning easily surpassed Miu Hirano 3-0 after the set (11-6, 12-10, 13-11).

China equalized 1-1.

The third match was a reenactment of a clash between Kasumi Ishikawa and Zhu Yuling at the 2010 Bratislava World Youth Championship. Kasumi Ishikawa defeated Zhu Yuling in the group stage, but then lost to the Chinese opponent in the women’s singles final. At the same tournament, Zhu Yuling won the doubles against Kasumi Ishikawa.

At this encounter, Zhu Yuling again controlled the match better than Kasumi Ishikawa and the Chinese tennis player continued to have an easy victory as at the table tennis World Cup in London earlier this year, with number (11-4, 11-7, 11-8).

In the deciding match, Liu Shiwen lit the hope of winning gold for Chinese women when easily winning 2-0 against Miu Hirano. In set 3, despite Miu Hirano leading 10-6, Liu Shiwen had an unbelievable comeback when he scored a 6-point circuit and won 3-0 eventually.

This victory helped the Chinese woman to the championship with a 3-1 difference victory. This has been the 21st world championship in 26 finals of China. Meanwhile, the 2nd Japan peeked at the opponent to the highest throne.

This afternoon 6/5, the Chinese men’s team will have a championship match with the German men’s team. In the semi-finals, the Chinese third team with players Ma Long, Fan Zhendong and Xu Xin overcame Sweden with a score of 3-0.

Guide class volleyball skills

High class volleyball skills are an ideal method of interest and learn to achieve the best score. So, what kind of skills does volleyball rank?

Sports is a field loved by many people, because it is the field that not only provides entertainment but also helps players have the best health development. In the field of sports, volleyball is an easy sport that does not require a lot of experience, just players persevere to achieve the goal. Therefore, volleyball skills is a very important first step and many people love volleyball.


The server is the person who stands from outside the baseline to serve, using the power of the arm to bring the ball to the opponent’s court. The tee-taker must choose the way of dropping the ball so that it is exactly in the intended direction, especially, the ball needs to cross the net and be within the court. In competition, when the tee shot must have strong technique and force, making the ball difficult, fast and strong so that the opponent cannot support or control the ball.


Receiving the ball is a very important skill for players. In this skill, requires the player to adjust the ball so that teammates can easily touch the ball and attack. Receiving the ball means controlling the ball after the tee shot. Controlling the ball is not simple because in addition to preventing the ball from touching the court, the player must also cleverly move the ball smoothly for the second pass to prepare to attack.

Smashing the ball is an important attack for volleyball. To be able to hit the ball effectively requires players to focus on many factors: Height, technology, power and the ability to turn on the maximum peak. The necessary skill of smashing the ball is that you must aim the falling point of the ball into the opponent’s field that no one can stop. This is the position that anyone who plays volleyball wants to play.

Reasons to Go Bowling on Date Night

What is your idea of a date night? Is it in a romantic restaurant with candlelight, music, sweet aroma and an array of high-end cuisine. Well, here’s the thing: we are in the 21st century and a fancy restaurant meal might not be the best choice for date night. it sounds rather old fashioned.

Many researchers has examine modern dating and romance and found that fun activity can help people to develop more positive feelings toward each other. So, the next date, if you want to try something surprising and new, we would recommend trying bowling and here’s why:

  1. You’ll have fun.
    No matter how you feel about it, you would probably have fun laughing at your partner’s missed ball or even yourself. The silly mistakes will not make anyone judge you instead a healthy dose of silliness would spice up the date with a lot of laugh, together.
  2. You’ll start a friendly competition.
    You don’t actually compete to prove that you are a better bowler, just start a friendly competition when you flirt, do some trash-talking and have fun.
  3. You won’t have to dress up.
    Lets be honest, it is hard to even dressed up to impress your partner, let alone take into consideration the fancy restaurant part. Do yourself a favor and release all that tiresome. Go on a casual date like a bowling and you can wear casual clothes.
  4. You get bonus fitness!
    Yes, it sounds weird to even think about fitness when going on a date. But let’s face it, you do some workout during a bowling even if you are going to have pizza and some beers. Still, it would probably be better than just sit throughout the night in a restaurant and eat.
  5. You can have a treat for feeling younger
    We know that you can afford to go on a fancy restaurant, but all the things like grab a burger, pizza, french fries and some soda or beers sound familiar to you? Yes, it is just like your date when you were teenagers. Would that feelings be fun?
  6. There’s plenty of time to talk.
    Bowling offers you lots of time to talk and discover something new about your partner such as hobby, desires,…Take your game slowly, chat and enjoy each other’s company.
  7. It is not costly.
    Bowling save you a great deal compared to a pricey night on the town, especially when you are a little short. But still, you won’t miss any fun time spending with your partner.

Mistakes you should avoid when playing double badminton (Part 2)


Learn how to move on the court in badminton.

Keep the body in a state of always moving, eyes sweeping around the yard, sticking to the opponent, always ready to move the ball when the opponent hits it. Good quality, ready to support teammates.

Take the racket in front of you, take the initiative to be ready to win the ball when you see you can win.

3. Use Hard Strikes

During Badminton Playing, you often use hard balls such as regular cross-play without changing cards. Or fight hard for the opponent to want to win the point.

You forget that when you hit too hard the opponent, but you are not prepared for the next fruit, then the opponent will borrow your hard left, to respond quickly, causing you to switch from now on from active to passive.


Please fight in a diverse sphere, constantly changing the situation.

Do not make the ball too hard when your body is not ready, you have not run to catch the ball but have been worried about difficulty.

4. Smalling cross-court cutting team faces

Usually, in doubles, you often get left when the opponent serves, you receive the serve, then leave and run diagonally to continue to catch the next left, so when the teammate is standing on the side after you, you run like that will make the team lost direction, and you have made it difficult for you.

When you drop the ball backward, then the opponent will actively re-install you, now that you have been pushed back, then it is likely that you have moved into a passive position.


Smalling, stick to the net, follow the net, waiting for the opportunity to counter attack.

Install the opponent to kick back, at that time let your teammates perform, handle the ball behind, in order to create the initiative.

Golf Dos and Don’ts for beginners (part 2)

When you’re ready to get real on the golf course, make sure you:
DON’T: play on the course until you can get the ball airborne. Otherwise, you might interfere everyone else playing on the course.
DO: Be prompts and play as quickly as possible, ready to hit when it’s your turn.
DON’T: Take range balls to the golf course because many are limited-flight models, so you can’t even use it.
DO: Take the time to learn thoroughly all basic rules, etiquette and courtesy.

DON’T: pick up any unattended balls on the course, even if you can’t see anyone. It might belong to players from the other holes and touching it, You might ruin their good round.

DO: Mark your ball with some unique symbols of yours so you can easily identify it.

DON’T: Use a ball mark that is larger than a poker chip. It’s probably too much.
DO: socialize and accept invitations to join other groups as Golf is a social sport. It’s a great way for you and your partner to meet other couples.
DON’T: Mark your scorecard on or by the green because you will slow down other team’s progress, especially on a busy course. To avoid making people wait, you get to the next tee and do it.
DO: Take care of the golf course for other to play by ranking bunkers, replacing divots and fixing ball marks on the green grass.

And when you compete with your partner in the game:DON’T: Put too much pressure on winning or doing the right techniques

DO: Make it fun by initiating contests and ball-striking challenges.
DON’T: Be afraid of the power of betting. A prize worth a dollar for a two-putt, five bucks for a birdie is a fun way to heat up the challenge.

Finally but the most important
DO: Counting the good shots and forget about the bad ones.
DON’T: be discouraged as golf is tough as it’s the world best game ever. It can be deceptively simple and endlessly complicated; rewarding and maddening at the same time.

Some experience you should know when playing double badminton (Part 2)

There are many ways to practice wrist diversity. The simplest and most economical, stuffing sand into a beer bottle and turning the number 8 every day 100 times evenly after 1 month, you will feel a little different. Or practice with a tennis racket and rotate the figure 8 like a beer bottle and practice the same movements with the badminton racket but note that it should be slow and moderate, do not lose patience but easily injure your wrist because all is tendon with cartilage.

Personally, I practice the technique of twisting the biceps to better pray. The force created entirely from a combination of biceps + shoulders + whole arms. This method is difficult but really effective because the tendon and cartilage in her hands to practice it well when smash has to say very long sometimes it takes 3-5 years while the other technique works hard. it only takes you 1 year if you really have the method.

4. Bridge dams are often slammed into frames. Causes – how to fix it

– The bridge is broken because you jump too early, the bridge must combine many factors at the same time, generally we are calm, the bridge in front of about 30 cm of the dam is the best, not to snuggle and not fly go out, remember to fold your wrist when beating, when you hit the ball too wrong, must pay attention to the opponent’s moves too.

– The bridge breakage is caused by a poor feeling of the bridge, the feeling of the falling position as well as the bridge in the air and the partially moving way has not been completed. Those factors combined will occur the above situation.

To overcome should practice how to move doubles, very smoothly when there is no bridge and racket. Why is it that when you have mastered the skill, then move on to practicing the ones that you often get hit, it is best if you do not have the basic, you should take a basic course because anyway, you still have to learn but must say that you have to practice “real”.

Golf Dos and Don’ts for beginners (part 1)

Golf is the greatest game in the world and not just for any single player but also for couple. Despite some daunting and intimidating moments that couples might face when getting started, couples will get a lot out of it. And, to help you and your partner take the plunge, here’s a definitive list of dos and don’ts.
First off:
DO: Start on a practice range instead of the golf course as the range is low-pressure for beginners to get acclimated to the game which also allow to stay as long as you wish.

DON’T: Be ashamed if you miss a shot or worry about anyone else at the range. as they were once a beginner, and they all know how hard it is for a beginner. They are judging you!

If you like golf and decide to pursue it seriously, then:
DON’T: Stress out over getting it right or achieve good results as the pressure is a disaster that could drive you away from the game.

DO: Book a professional coach to get a proper swing foundation as well as all the fundamental and rules. You can also practice with your partner in extra session as a recreational activity.

In case you are decided to craft your own swing, here are a few helpful tips.
DO: Try to incorporate a couple of poses at a time until you can do all of them seamlessly. First, learn the clubs and how to grip the club properly bending from your hips, getting your lead shoulder under your chin on the backswing then concentrating on the short game by chipping and putting before focusing on other clubs.
DON’T: Try to keep your head “down and still”, bend from your knees or stay flat-footed through impact.

Practice with your partner
DO: Learn with your partner would help both of you getting better and quicker at the same time ignite the heat and share some memorable time together.

Golf is one of the most expensive sports, so you don’t have to spend a fortune right away on purchasing equipment. Just Start slowly:
DO: Invest in some proper golf attire and a set of good glove to protect your palm. The vast majority of golfers use them.
DON’T: Worry about buying your own equipment until you can master the swing and don’t waste money buying head-covers for your irons.

Mistakes you should avoid when playing doubles badminton (Part 1)

In the process of playing doubles badminton, people often make mistakes in Men’s Badminton, Women’s Doubles. It is often new to the sport of badminton. Especially in the match you often want to get points right after starting to fight.

But at this moment you make a mistake when in the match you are under pressure from the opponent, making you more easily distracted, and distracted, prone to errors exposed, making The opponent has the initiative.

Routines are often difficult to correct, and in your opinion, so when you do not know the method of moving in the Badminton Courtyard, it will be very hard and also prone to injury.

Therefore, according to the Badminton Coach, when you are not able to play Badminton, you should find a coach near you or a friend who can play and share your skills, the method of badminton, so you can become a good movement player or you can become a professional tennis player if you get the right investment.

It is also important to look at your badminton style and one you have undergone basic training, then you will know the appropriate way to choose for yourself a good method of badminton.

Below are some basic mistakes.

1.Eductive inefficiencies

Serve is not effective

In doubles serve, it is very important to get a good score in a match, if the serve is not good, is caught, short, or serve, that will immediately win the opponent.


Practice serving many times, practice feeling good.

In the way of service in badminton double play, it is not difficult, but it is not easy if you do not train yourself a method of serving in the initiative.

2. Stand in the yard in a static state

It means waiting for time, refusing to move, people casually watching the bridge, the racket lands freely, without preparation.

In fact, when the bridge does not come to you, you do not actively move, do not know the method of moving in the yard, just stand and watch where the bridge is going.

Couple of Basic Golf Tips for the Beginner

As we already explain the benefits of couple playing golf together to strengthen health and romance in the previous articles, in this one, we will introduce some basic tips for you and your partners to start this meaningful journey.

Basically, learning to play golf is not difficult, it also a life long journey of continuous self improvement. Thus, at first, don’t worry about getting expensive, shiny, and latest golf clubs even if you got pockets full of cash as you are not good enough to utilize them. Start out simple with a beginner set includes odd-numbered irons (3, 5, 7, 9), a 3-wood, a driver, a pitching wedge and a putter or rent a used set from the course until you master a certain level. By that time, invest in an expensive set, it worth the price, you know what kind is appropriate for your playing style and you also appreciate them much more.

After setting up with golf clubs, now you going to need some solid instruction from a professional golf coaches, unless you or your partner got some experience. It’s important that you get the fundamentals right at the beginning, otherwise you’ll struggle later. If you choose to start with your partner’s guidance, keep in mind that you must be patient as your partner may not be able to clearly explain the mechanics of the movements in a clear non-frustrating manner. In case, you choose to sign up for golf lessons in golf course, it can cost around USD 20 to USD 50 per hour. You can begin with two or three lessons at the beginning then increase the frequency if it feels right.

Although I believe that after the first couple of rounds, you’ll probably be hooked. So, be patient and have a lot of fun playing with your partner.