Badminton doubles technique for men and women (Part 1)

Below are some technique for badminton doubles that you may not know.

1. Attention in technique of badminton doubles for men and women

In the technique of badminton doubles between men and women, the most important is the strategy of fighting, if you want to win without having to lull the opponent, you need to choose the attack style from the beginning. If attention, in all badminton matches, after the long struggle phase, the shot is usually the smash or drop.

Therefore, you always have to give priority to the shots with the flight straight into the opponent’s court at the fastest speed possible. A key element in the badminton technique for men and women is to promote the strength of two people to hit the opponent’s weaknesses.

2. Strategy of doubles

In the mixed doubles technique, the attack is mainly, but how to deploy it effectively, you can follow the options from top to bottom in the following list:

Defeat the shot.

Constantly raising the attack pressure to facilitate a definite shot.

Maintain an attack.

Launch a new attack.

Prevent the opponent from attacking definitively.

Try to regain attack power.

Try to endure the “burning” attack from the opponent and wait for the opportunity to counterattack.

When the opponent is having a chance to hit the shot, you must try to save the bridge to extend the series as much as possible.

3. Position in the men’s and women’s double badminton technique

Attack: When in this position, the attacking person is standing behind, the other is advancing on the player ready for badminton racket always ready to prevent the net shot or the finish phase in the middle of the opponent’s field. The rear must maintain a continuous attack to make the opponent exposed weaknesses and launch the finish. The form of combined attack is called an “upper – lower” stand.

Defensive: If the opponent is in an offensive position, now you and your teammate stand in a horizontal position with the front and hind legs in preparation for the moves that move up the net or back quickly. This form of standing in men’s and women’s badminton technique is called a “parallel” stand.