Badminton doubles technique for men and women (Part 2)

4. Handing and receiving in badminton technique for men and women

The spheres in badminton doubles are short-range and low to limit the opponent’s ability to attack at the first touch. On the contrary, with the receiver, players will find ways to make the smashes on the first phase or will fight back so that the opponent can not attack immediately.

Service: After serving, the two players must quickly switch to a coordinating position to attack, one on the top and one on the lower.

Receive: Before the opponent serves, two people must stand in parallel, one on each side to coordinate preparing to defend the opponent’s serve.

Badminton: This is a prerequisite if you want to win straight in the men’s and women’s badminton technique.

Technical badminton double

Smash the straight ball: If you are in a corner position, smash the ball straight and aim for the void of the weaker player on the opponent.

Middle Bridge Smashing: Sometimes, you should smash the middle of the stand of two opponents, this type of fight will cause confusion for the choice of who will support the opponent’s bridge. Meanwhile, the return phase will be less effective and create favorable conditions for the shot we will launch.

Smashing main people: This is a very unique and somewhat annoying way to fight. The weakest position for badminton players is usually on the racket handle, in the thigh area. This position, whether a forehand or a backhand shot, does not exert strength.

The prerequisite as mentioned above is to try to hit the ball as much as possible to make it difficult for the opponent to manage in the save phase.

Dropping (netting): Sometimes the smashing phase will make us exhausted, and the opponent’s physical strength is full. At this time, the phase dropped, netting will be the appropriate choice.