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Workout to must-try for couple (Part 2)

If you are finding some sports co-working with your couple, you can reference our following article. We collect top outstanding workout to practice with partner.

It’s wonderful to do something with your partner to improve relationship better while feeling comfortable and easy.

4, Hamstring raise

You and your partner start on knees in plank position, then both keep down feet tightly. 

In this pose, two people practice at the same side. Then you put the whole body in one straight line, from knees to shoulders. The next step, you lower knees slowly to the floor while your hands are in push-up pose.

You should press strongly against to the ground within 30 seconds, then quickly to back up the starting pose. It finishes one set. 

It’s better to do 3 sets continuously.

Once you do hamstring raise, you feel tension in all hamstrings of body. This is the reason why it is called hamstring raise.

5, Lunges

This workout is simple but it helps to wake up all muscles on your body quickly.

Firstly, you face up with your partner and clasp hands each other. Immediately, picking up the right foot back into this pose while your partner uses the left foot.

The next step, both lower knees slowly until it touches to the ground. Finally, you push the left foot to return it to starting position. It finishes one set easily within 20 seconds.

Both switch hands and feet contradictorily and repeat at least 6 sets continuously so that it brings good benefits for muscles.

6, Swing-Ups

Both sit on the ground in facing position. Then bending knees. You put your feet and knees in one side while your partner is under your inner thighs. He is responsibility to hold your feet.

Both lower bodies slowly backward to the ground and raise arms over heads. It finishes one set within 20 seconds.

You do 6 sets.

Workout to must-try for couple (Part 1)

It’s great to play together and stay together with your partner. It only helps to improve health issues like burning calories or sculpting muscles but also is a good way to connect each other closer and closer.

Let do any workout with your partner to maintain a good relationship from normal jobs in daily life. 

If you are confusing about which workout can play with partner, following our article. We recommend some exercises to must-try for couple.

1, Pressing with partner

Put your guy lie on the floor whereas you are opposing with his him and straddling his ankles. 

As soon as you are leaning your body forward, you continue to keep overall body in a straight line and clasp hands tightly.

Immediately you lower your body as plank position while your partner pushes you away then practice a chest press. One cycle will prolong within one minute.

You should do this pose 4 times with 1 minute for break time.

2, Squats

Couple will face each other about 3 feet apart while holding hands to get balanced. 

You keep the whole weight in your heels while putting hips into a squat. 

Remember that two players don’t allow to let away each other. Then you push your heels back to standing pose.

You keep this pose within 20 seconds. Then take a rest for 10 second and repeat 6 times.

Squat is useful to bring durability for bones and muscles around hips.

3, Core Crushers

This pose looks like interesting to connect your partner.

The male will be ready in plank position to hold your feet while you are in a sit-up position. 

You feel great when pushing mood to maintain sit-up position from your partner. It helps you to maintain longer. 

Try to hold it within 2 minutes. Then you can switch positions each other.

Benefits of tennis to change life

Tennis is a favorite game for anyone as well any age. This sport brings a lot of benefits about fitness, health as well spirit. So, it is on the top the best sports you should try.

If you are confused about its benefits, following our article then you will have more motivation to join it.

4/ Tennis is good for heart

Tennis requires your continuous movements, including stopping, starting, running to walking. So, it means your heart will be practiced to work in regular intervals.

In playing process, you will move around with other poses so that it forces your heart to work harder and faster. However, your heart rate will become back lower when you are in break. 

By this consistent improvement, your vascular system and heart rate will be active regularly and well in per beat.

You should remind that only playing tennis during 30 minutes to 1 hour then break time to refresh energy, then you let it continue.

5/ Tennis is not a seasonal sport

As referred above why its popularity, this sport is not seasonable when players can do it all year round, in outdoor or indoor pitch, depending on player’s hobby.

There are many tennis courts designed and constructed inside the room to avoid strong wind or the cool in the winter. However, someone prefer to play it in the outdoor to have more challenges before the nature.

6/ Tennis impacts on weight loss

Someone has a losing demand, also chooses tennis as the best way.

Firstly, it can burn a big sum of calories. As the research, a new player with strict practice can burn up to 600 calories in per hour.

Furthermore, tennis requires simple regulations, so anyone can learn the rule easily. This sport is convenient to start a luxurious game for anyone.

Top reasons why you should play sports with couples

Sports bring a lot of benefits for players, including mental, fitness, health or spirit. Therefore, more and more people like playing sports in daily life as a good habit.

Sport has two main types: for individual player such as swimming, skating, skiing and for team or couples such as volleyball, soccer, scuba diving so on. In this article, we share experiences why you should play sport with your couple. It’s a good way to maintain your habit gradually.

Following it to promote your motion and enjoy activities fast and effectively.

4/ It’s a good chance to improve positive feeling

In process to practice sport, you can be in trouble about speed, pose or time of arrangement. Sure that there are some difficult poses impacting on your mind whether you can continue to follow up or not.

If you play it by yourself, you are easy to give up because you are affected by laziness and negative thought in mind. However, a couple can wake up your mind to forget laziness and continue sharing your difficulties. As a good result, you have more power to continue to exercise.

In addition, you also have a mindset for positive feeling.

5/ It can help you to increase this game at a higher level

When playing with couples, you are comfortable to share weakness and strength about this sport without feeling shy or worried.

It’s natural to practice and enjoy it. Thank to sharing and instruction from partner, your level can be improved at a higher skills. It looks a good result for your hard working.

According to some styles, playing sports with partner can help players to open and adapt this game faster and more effectively. Players also are more interested to join it in a long time.

Top reasons why you should play sports with couples

Physical fitness plays an important role in our life. It brings benefits for own health, mental, well-being as well improvement romantic relationships.

According to reports, playing sports with couples are easy to reach good benefits as expectation. So, why you don’t grab your partner and invite her or him to play together. In this article, we share top reasons why you should practice sport with couples. It’s more meaningful so you should be do it alone.

Following our evidences to have more power for enjoying sports.

1/ Increase happiness and closer in relationship

One study in lab shows that couples feel more satisfied and loved with their partner when they do sport together. They usually feel positive and happy during their time with couple. It looks positive effect.

Some experts said that doing sports with partner can increase physiological arousal, romantic attraction and happiness. So, it’s better to run, dance or have a date at the gym together. Your relationship will be improved better and happier.

2/ Improve the efficiency

Your partner can be a fantastic way to boost your mood and capacity powerfully. It’s already proven by evidences.

Once your partner appears, you have intentionally to focus on practice without being ignored by other outside factors. His or her presence will influence to your awareness about good achievements because you want to show that you can do it well.

3/ Make partner fall in love with you more

When exercise together, you and your partner have symptoms of physiological which is the thrill of romantic attraction. It’s a good phenomenon because you and your partner will fall in love each other more.

It’s explained easily that hard practice then you have the same feeling about physiologies such as sweaty hands, shortness of breath or thirty. All makes the same feeling and mood.

Top sports you can play in your couple

Playing sports with partner will make more motivation to maintain it during a long time. As study, when you play sport alone, you are easy to give up it because of some personal reasons such as tiredness, bad mood or urgent jobs. However, when you practice it in couple, you tend to try the best to follow it with your partner. Therefore, someone prefers to play sports in a couple.

In this article, we continue to share top great sports to play with couple. It is good recommendations if you are finding any sport for your team.

3/ Boxing

Although boxing is an old sport which already has a long history, it has come back as new workout when you take it with your partner together. As a new trend, someone like joining fitness classes such boxing to improve stronger muscles.

Boxing is a good workout exercise to reduce stress as well build up muscle stronger and endurably. You and your couple will use punching bags then take turn to hit and kick it powerfully by punches. There are many kinds of punches to warm up all parts in body like crossover jabs, kicks.

During boxing class, you and your partner can talk and share other stories. It’s easy to forget tiredness from boxing.

4/ Cycling

Cycling is a great exercise for couple. This pastime is popular with many couples because it’s easy to learn how to ride a bike. It’s not simple that you only ride on normal roads, you can try your effort to overcome mountain or hill, slopes. This time you will choose a proper cycle to go on it. Riding a bike is a joy trip because you can discover the landscape or breath fresh air. It’s also better to practice your legs and lower back

Top sports you can play in your couple

Playing sport is an important role in the human lives. We feel stronger, healthier and better when we practice sports daily. For someone, they only prefer to play sports with one partner. It’s more difficult to join when they only connect with one person.

In this article, we will recommend some sports you can play in your couple. If you are concerning it, following our notices.

1/ Running

In general, running is the simplest form of exercise. It doesn’t require other complicated skills as well you can be flexible it, depending on your free time. Couples can be roommate or your husband/ wife are easy to wake up, put on running clothes and run some circles around your house. Or after working, you can take advantage of going to school to pickup your kids to run in couple. The fact that, it is convenient for someone busy with tasks and housework but still try to do exercise.

Although it is a simple sport, it still brings healthy and mental benefits for runners. So, it is one of the most favorite sports for everyone.

2/ Golf

If you are a patient person, you can choose golf to play with your partner. Assure that your relationship can be improved better after practice it. It is an understanding team sport.

It can be played by all couples under any age because you don’t need to run and run like a crazy person to waste energy. You only walk slightly and hut balls together. It is a peaceful game but it also requires professional skills such as moving ball correctly or sharing information to your partner. Due to more complicated skills about knowledge, your brain and your eye are improved better when you are old. This is the reason why the older you are, the more favorite you prefer to golf.

The Most Famous Sports Couples Of All-Time (Part 4)

Greg Norman & Chris Everta
Chris Evert was America’s tennis sweetheart during the 80’s, ranked number one female tennis player from 1974-78 and 1980-81 thanks to her achievements of winning a total of 18 Grand Slam titles during her illustrious career. Her 34 Grand Slam finals appearances are the most recorded in tennis history, in which 7 individual French Open titles. She never lost in the first or second round of any Grand Slam tournament.
Greg Norman is one of the greatest golfers of all-time named as the Australia Great White Shark. He was world #1 for 331 weeks, winning a total of 91 international golf tournaments, including 20 PGA tour events. Norman was inducted to the World Hall of Fame in 2001 with the highest percentage of votes that no other golfer to date achieved.

They left their long time spouses to marry each other in a sunset ceremony in the Bahamas back in 2008. Living together 15 months later before they split.

Nomar Garciapara & Mia Hamm
Mia Hamm was forwarder for the United States women’s soccer team from 1987-2004, winning two Olympic Gold medals and two World Cup titles, being FIFA World Player of the Year in 2001 and 2002 and is one of two women to be included in the FIFA 100 list. Hamm was a founding member of the Women’s United Soccer Association and the franchise Washington Freedom from 2001-2003.
The AL Rookie of the Year in 1997, Nomar Garciapara was famous for his being shortstop of the Boston Red Sox. Garciapara is one of thirteen Major League players to get two grand slams in one game and the only player to achieve it in his home stadium.
The couple met in 1998 during a celebrity soccer shootout where she beat him. Hamm was married to before getting a divorce in 2001 then they dated and married in 2003 during a ceremony attended by a few hundred guests in Goleta, California. Mia gave birth to twins Ava Caroline and Grace Isabella in 2007, a baby boy named Garrett Anthony in 2012. 

Most Famous Sports Couples Of All-Time (Part 3)

Tiger Woods & Lindsey Vonn

Lindsey Vonn was America’s ski racing queen, winning the World Cup championships four times, and the first female American to win an Olympic gold medal in downhill in the 2010 Winter Olympics. She made an all-time record being one of only six women to win World Cup races in all five categories of Alpine Skiing.
Tiger Woods is the world’s highest earning athlete and no. 1 golfer for the most part of the 2000 decade. Woods started and dominated the sport at an early age. He turned pro at very young age – 20 and less than a year later, he won his first major in the 1997 Masters tournament. 
Lindsey and Tiger were the couple received lots of publicity. She split from her spouse in 2011 and announced she was dating Tiger via Facebook in 2013. They were together for three years but in 2016, they announced their separation claiming that due to their respective hectic schedules.

Sasha Vujacic & Maria Sharapova

Maria Sharapova was the beautiful queen of tennis, the heir to Anna Kournikova’s throne. She is the only Russian tennis player to win all Grand Slam events and ranked as the world’s no.1 tennis player on five different occasions. She was the highest earning female players of her generation for 11 consecutive years.

Sasha Vujacic was well-known for his championship time with the Los Angeles Lakers. The Slovenian shooting guard was called the ‘Machine’ due to his shooting prowess and ability to score points in a hurry. Vujacic is best known for hitting the two free throws that iced Game 7 of the NBA Finals in 2010 against the Boston Celtics. After playing in Europe and a couple of NBA teams, Vujacic has been playing for NY since 2015.

Vujacic and Sharapova had a long and serious relationship with an engagement in 2010. Unfortunately, they broke up in the spring of 2012.