Couple of Basic Golf Tips for the Beginner

As we already explain the benefits of couple playing golf together to strengthen health and romance in the previous articles, in this one, we will introduce some basic tips for you and your partners to start this meaningful journey.

Basically, learning to play golf is not difficult, it also a life long journey of continuous self improvement. Thus, at first, don’t worry about getting expensive, shiny, and latest golf clubs even if you got pockets full of cash as you are not good enough to utilize them. Start out simple with a beginner set includes odd-numbered irons (3, 5, 7, 9), a 3-wood, a driver, a pitching wedge and a putter or rent a used set from the course until you master a certain level. By that time, invest in an expensive set, it worth the price, you know what kind is appropriate for your playing style and you also appreciate them much more.

After setting up with golf clubs, now you going to need some solid instruction from a professional golf coaches, unless you or your partner got some experience. It’s important that you get the fundamentals right at the beginning, otherwise you’ll struggle later. If you choose to start with your partner’s guidance, keep in mind that you must be patient as your partner may not be able to clearly explain the mechanics of the movements in a clear non-frustrating manner. In case, you choose to sign up for golf lessons in golf course, it can cost around USD 20 to USD 50 per hour. You can begin with two or three lessons at the beginning then increase the frequency if it feels right.

Although I believe that after the first couple of rounds, you’ll probably be hooked. So, be patient and have a lot of fun playing with your partner.