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Spending time in the kitchen cooking together is one of our favorite things to do as a couple when we feel like staying at home, but would still like to have some fun. The first thing that we always do before we touch any kitchen utensils or appliances, is turn on some good tunes!

Oh yeah… so the music is pumping, wine bottle popped open, mood is set and now we’re talking! Before I get into sharing with you some ideas on fun cooking at home, it is important for you to know that this activity is not about whether the end product, the food that you’ll be making together with love, is top restaurant award winning chef’s quality, but more about the process of preparing the meal together, and having some fun and giggles along the way. If you forget something, who cares! Don’t get too worked up about getting it perfect, remember it is the precious time spent together that matters. If you and your partner are people who like a bit of challenge now and again, absolutely fine as long as it is positive competitiveness and doesn’t cross any lines then turn ugly, which defeats the whole purpose of this activity of creating wonderful memories together as a couple.

Okay, so let’s get into it! The ideas that I’ll be sharing for fun cooking at home together below are easy, inexpensive, flexible with ingredients and absolutely fun to make! You both get to add your own touch and creativity to produce something delicious and memorable to share. There’s no need to follow one another’s way of preparing the meals, doesn’t that sound wonderful? We have also trialed these cooking ideas with our couple friends at home and we always end up having a blast! Here they are:

Maki Sushi (or Sushi Maki)

Maki sushi pieces in a bowl, soy sauce and chopsticksMaki Sushi, or known as Rolled Sushi, is one of the ways to prepare a delicious and healthy sushi meal. In this method of preparation, Japanese sushi rice and ingredients of your choice are wrapped inside a seaweed sheet, called Nori, and rolled out to make a cylindrical piece (shape of a pipe).

With sushi being one of the top foods consumed around the world nowadays, you can easily find Japanese sushi rice and sauces from any of your local large supermarkets or nearby Asian grocery store. There are also sushi making kits available which are super easy to use and clean. Make sure you get the kit with detachable sushi mat and dishwasher friendly, recommended over the bamboo mat, which is difficult to clean as food sticks to the mat. If you choose to go with the more authentic look and use the bamboo mat, a good tip is to first wrap the mat with cling wrap to ensure ease of cleaning later.

Watch the video below to find out for yourself how easy it is to make Maki Sushi at home:

Here are some of the key ingredients and materials you’ll need to kickstart your Maki Sushi making skills:

Below are links to some sushi recipes and reviews which I hope you find useful to help you get started. Have fun rolling!

Foundation Recipe for Any Combination Sushi Roll

Avocado Sushi Rolls

California Sushi Roll

Smoked Salmon Sushi Roll

Homemade Pizza – Savory & Dessert

Homemade pizza with olives, mushrooms, red capsicum and cheeseHomemade pizzas are fun, delicious and best of all, quick to make! That is why they have made it to our Couples Cooking Ideas list and is our go to fun meal to cook together at home, on a lazy chilled Sunday afternoon. You can choose to make your own pizza dough from scratch with flour if you’re up for it, or from a pre-packed pizza crust mix, which you can buy from most supermarkets these days. There are also various dietary options available to choose from like gluten-free pizza crust mix. The other option you have, which is sometimes the option we go for when we are short on time, is to get fresh pizza bases from the local bakery, for only a few bucks!

Anything goes on a pizza and you can easily knock out a three course meal. Here’s how we do it:

  • Entree: Pizza Bianca – pizza dough seasoned with rosemary, sea salt and olive oil
  • Main: Base – Red/White sauce; Toppings: Meat/Sausage/Seafood/Roasted Vegetables; Cheeses
  • Dessert: Strawberry Nutella pizza with ice cream and nuts sprinkled on top

We have tried cooking pizzas in the oven using various kitchenware and from experience, pizza stones are by far the best for crispy crusts, because the pizza base is cooked evenly on the hot stone. Cooking on a pizza stone also makes it easier to cut the pizza in slices with a sharp pizza cutter. We like to serve our homemade pizzas on a wooden paddle, typically when we have friends over and need to cook several pizzas using the same hot stone. Wooden pizza paddles can also double up as a cutting board or a board to serve cheese and cured meat – its great to have one around the house.

Here are some delicious and highly rated homemade pizza recipes:

Tip: read the reviews for additional cooking tips from home cooks just like you and us!

Best Ever Pizza Base

Mike’s Homemade Pizza

Easy Barbecue Chicken Pizza

White Sauce Chicken Pizza

Pesto and Feta Pizza

Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls (or Cold Rolls)

Prawn Vietnamese Rice Paper Roll with hoisin peanut sauceVietnamese rice paper rolls, known also as cold rolls, are a healthier version of spring rolls, eaten fresh and not deep fried. They are exceptionally easy and fun to make, delightful to eat and make a wonderful healthy and light meal, especially on a hot summers day. So basically, rice paper rolls are made using rice paper wrappers to wrap and roll the filling of your choice inside. Rice paper wrappers, which can be found at any large supermarkets or Asian grocery store, are made of rice flour, tapioca starch, water and salt. When you are ready to roll the rice paper rolls, dip one wrapper into a shallow bowl of warm water for 1 second to soften the wrapper.

Typical ingredients in a Vietnamese rice paper roll are:

  • Vietnamese vermicelli (or rice noodles)
  • Cooked prawns (peeled, deveined and cut in half)
  • Barbecue/Roast pork
  • Vegetarian option: Omelette or tofu
  • Herbs: Fresh chives, Thai basil, mint and coriander leaves
  • Lettuce leaves

And ingredients for the dipping sauce are:

Here’s a great recipe on how to make some delicious Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls.

So, there you have it, our top three choices for fun Couples Cooking Ideas at home. I hope that you’ve enjoyed reading this post and have found it useful. Have a great date in! 😉


Have you tried any of the Couples Cooking Ideas above? Share with us your experience or favorite recipe below!


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    1. Thanks Melani, glad you found the video useful, we wanted to show people how easy it actually is to make sushi! If you’ve had the chance to try it out, let us know how you go! We’d love to hear your thoughts on our other posts too 🙂

  1. I never tried sushi before, and with that video you showed how easy it is to make sushi. I will try to make sushi with my boyfrend, I’m sure he would love to try it too. There’s something in cooking that brings people closer, don’t you agree?
    I love your cooking ideas, and had to put them on my to try list.

    1. Thanks Kristina! I’m so excited to hear that you’ll be trying sushi for the first time, and best of all homemade! I hope you have heaps of fun making Maki Sushi with your boyfriend, and enjoy eating them after.

      And Yes! I totally agree with you that cooking together at home is a great way to bond while having fun in the kitchen, especially if you are trying out a new recipe. Food just brings so much joy 🙂

  2. very interesting site, I am not much into the sushi but I am in delight for the homemade pizza and the vietnamese rice paper rolls my ex-wife used to make the rolls she was vietnamese . But the idea of homemade pizza sounds real good first thing that I am going to try again is the vietnamese rice paper rolls thank you for your very informative article

    1. Thanks James and great choices with the Homemade Pizza and Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls! They are both super easy to make and delicious! Do let us know how you go with making them at home 🙂

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