Dance Lessons for Couples (part 1)

Here is a list of the top dance lessons for couples; some of which might fit for traditional ballroom dancing while the rest can be best for experimental.

Whether it’s a reason to practice or connect, dance lessons are always best activity for the two of you. 

1.    Wedding Dance

This is the biggest reason for you to take partner for dance lessons – your wedding. There are many options such as Waltz, Rumba or something completely unexpected; the trainers could have you dance ready for your lifetime event in 5 lessons max!

2.    Salsa

Absolutely hot, flirty and mostly fun, Salsa is one of the most famous dance lesson choice for couples. There are different range of dance moves such as Street Cha Cha Cha, Bachata, and the Argentine Tango as well as Merengue. Furthermore it’s perfect for social mingling, networking, the dance is so much fun to dance the evening away!

3.    Jive and Rock n Roll

Elvis and the Beatles are calling! No different from a Swing or a Jive, this form of dancing is great way to make your tummy tauter and burn all the belly fat away. It’s an amazing Aerobic exercise, the fitness aspect increases with every level and Dance Floor that eliminate any negative physical impact to your ankles and knees!

4.    Kizomba

Salsa is the foundation for building your sexier, sultrier cousin Kizomba! Kizomba is a type of dance and a style of music that created in Angola in the late 1980s. No different from Caribbean quick rhythm, this dance is great to help you connect with your better someone.  A very close movement, suggested very little or almost no distance between you and your partner – and not the type of dance that suite for trying with strangers. Although if you do, it’s great to enjoy making new friends while grooving!