Double Surfing – such a fascinating sport in Hawaii

Below are 5 reasons for double surfing to be a bargain for adventurers.

1. The men must be super good surfers, as well as have good balance while lifting their partner

Before coming to double surfing, some people practiced surfing as children, developing solo surfing skills to a certain level. Remember, they have the ability to evaluate waves and choose which waves can both be safe and ensure fun. Besides, they are also very hard at forging physical strength.

2. The women must also surf well and be a good swimmer

Improving the rhythm of movement in the body will help us surfing and do a difficult move (like yoga) while still balancing to make double surfing a big challenge.

3. Two people must be well prepared

The athletes have to be on guard. While riding a wave, the waves become bumpy or hit the man so both must immediately change the coordination post. Need a good idea between two people, decide quickly and synchronize movements so that no one has to fall.

4. Healthy, supple and courageous

Not only men but also women must be strong enough to keep themselves in the air. This requires medium-sized women to develop muscles. Also, enhanced plasticity – Flexibility can make a difference in competitions.

5. Trust and respect

Some couples who participated in this series are dating, some couples are married. However, there are many couples who are merely co-actors. Even so, men still have to respect your partner and her safety will be his top priority.

In contrast, the woman also trusted her partner so he could lift her and keep her safe. It is possible that women love big waves, but understand that the partner will avoid if the waves are too steep.

Also, respect other surfers. Ready to give way to them to ensure everyone’s safety, tighten their friendship and share the waves and praise when someone makes perfect surfing.