Entertainment Coupon Book Review – Great Deals for Fun Dining and Activities

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the entertainment book comes in a hardcopy book form or digital app

Product: Entertainment Coupon Book or Digital App

Price: $12.00 + Free shipping (Book); or $19.99/year (Digital – Online and Mobile App)

Why Own One?: Save $$$ every day by getting discounts on meals, shopping, hotels, travel, movie tickets, gift cards, car hire, theme parks etc.

Popular Discounts: 2-for-1 deals and savings up to 50% off, from over 1000 companies!

Best Place to Buy: Entertainment.com

Our Savings Last 12 Months: $990 – That’s x50 money back!

Our Rating: 10 out of 10

Product Overview

Covering thousands of local and national businesses for over 50 years, the Entertainment book provides a great variety of offers at amazing discount rates for almost everything that you need on a daily basis. This means getting what you want and not having to pay full price – how good is that? Additionally, the guilt feeling that usually comes after spending will also be non-existent because you know that you’ve just got a sweet deal and saved money!

In the last 12 months, we saved $990! That’s 50 times the money we invested in becoming a member of Entertainment® . Like us and every Entertainment® member, you will instantly get your money’s worth after only using it once – what’s not to love about it??

Some benefits of the Entertainment book that we enjoy using the most are:

  • casual and fine dining – great options to choose from for every day meals and special occasions;
  • movie tickets – catch the latest release in the box office;
  • shopping – groceries, clothes, shoes, electrical items, gadgets;
  • travel – accommodation (hotel, motels), flight tickets, car hire on our fun couples getaways;
  • fun couple activities – outdoor and indoor: sailing, cruising, kayaking, sky diving, bowling, escape room adventures, museums, ice skating, rock climbing;
  • tourswine tasting, walking food tours, segway tours;
  • discounted gift cards – literally free money, more dollar savings on top of already discounted items!

Besides what we have listed above, there are so so many other items you can save on by becoming an Entertainment® member and have access to discounted vouchers – check them out here to see if they suit you!

So, how does the Entertainment coupon book work? – Simple. As Easy as 1, 2, 3.

Step 1: Sign up to the Entertainment® coupon membership by purchasing: Book or Digital (App or Online)  ** scroll down to read more about book vs digital**

Step 2: Search what you want – by category (e.g restaurant, services, activities, travel), location or name of business, and click on your chosen option to reveal more information about the business and view the offer

Step 3: Present the discount offer/voucher upon payment to apply discount and enjoy instant savings in your pocket!

The Entertainment® – Book or Digital?

We’ve been members of the Entertainment® for many years, and have experience with both the hardcopy book version as well as digital mobile app. So, ”which one is better?”, might you ask..Book or Digital?? Well, there are advantages for either option, and there’s no wrong choice, pick what suits your lifestyle best. Nevertheless, here’s our review on each version based on our personal experience.

Enjoy a great deal of savings with offers from the Entertainment coupon bookBook: One of the benefits with the Entertainment® coupon book is that it allows you to trade physical coupons for businesses near you, with family and friends that live in a different area to you – bonus! The book also allows you to view a few offers at a time on one page.

Enjoy a great deal of savings with offers from the Entertainment coupon mobile app or online appDigital: Having the Entertainment® on your phone means you will never have to carry around your coupon book or forget to bring it with you. There is also a search function on the app for convenience of locating nearby offers, or by your choice of cuisine, activity and more. You can also browse what the business offers, reviews, menus and much more on the Entertainment® phone app. The digital version also allows you to activate the same account on multiple phones for sharing with family or close friends.

Rest assure, whether you choose the book or digital app, you are entitled to endless amount of offers from a variety of local and national businesses. So what are you waiting for? Join others today and start enjoying the offers you deserve!

Can’t Decide on “Where to Eat?” or “What to Do?”

How many times have you asked yourself these questions: “Where to go for dinner?”; “What to eat?”; “What to do?”. We used to find ourselves scratching our heads with these questions all the time, spending a lot of time choosing a restaurant to go to for dinner etc. With the Entertainment book, we have found that we can trust their recommendations for quality cafes and restaurants. It was especially useful when we moved to a new state and were unfamiliar with what places were good near our home. There are so many options to choose from, and even more offers provided for members only via email throughout the year so you’ll never run out of places to go!

Help Your Community – Fundraising and Supporting Local Businesses

The Entertainment® Membership is a quick, simple and great way to fund raise for schools, sports team and community groups. The Entertainment® Fundraising program allows you to raise up to 40% profit with no upfront cost required, for a project or community that you are passionate about, while also helping out local businesses grow and help your supporters save money – that’s a triple WIN! Check out the top 10 benefits of fundraising through the Entertainment® and how to get involved.

Here are some ideas for fundraising as suggested on the Entertainment® website:

 Link to the Entertainment book fundraising idea - Cookie Dough

Link to the Entertainment book fundraising idea - book or mobile app

Link to the Entertainment book fundraising idea - digital savings membership

Final Thoughts on the Entertainment Coupon Book

The Entertainment coupon book is a great investment and opportunity for everyone to enjoy life every day. You will also save money on food, retail shopping, favorite activities and even when you travel. Rub away the feeling of guilt while spending and having fun as a couple! If you’ll like to test the Entertainment® coupon book out, try out the digital version, where you can cancel whenever you want with a monthly subscription of just a couple of dollars. Give it a go, there’s nothing to lose!


I hope you enjoyed this review, if you have any questions or would like to share your experience with the Entertainment Coupon Book, please leave your comments below!


4 Comments on “Entertainment Coupon Book Review – Great Deals for Fun Dining and Activities”

  1. The Entertainment Book is a great idea! So often my husband and I are wondering what to do with our Friday evenings. We have exhausted almost everything we used to do and are always on the lookout for new and fun things to do. I’ll be checking this out, thanks!

    1. Thanks Meherbani! I hope that you and your husband enjoy exploring the wide variety of great deals offered in the Entertainment Book as much as we do! Some great recommendations in there, we’ve tried so many different cuisines with the book and always end up having a fantastic night out 🙂 

  2. Wow, this looks like such a fantastic idea!

    In the past we have used “dining” cards which is a very similar concept and found we saved a bunch with them. The idea of extending this to activities and things to do sounds such a brilliant idea!

    We spend so much money doing stuff together it would be fantastic to save some money. and these things always give you great ideas for things to do and places to go that we would probably not have thought about other wise!

    Thanks for the great post!

    1. Hi Steve,

      I’m so glad to introduce the Entertainment Coupon Book to you. It’s great to experience new activities through the book’s recommendations and get fantastic savings at the same time! There are so many amazing options to choose from that we never run out of things to do – yay! Have fun exploring new places and adventures 🙂



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