Fun Weekend Getaways for Couples

A couple stand up paddle boarding during sunset.

A couples life during the week can be quite routine, especially if the both of you work full time like us — Wake up, go to work, come home, have dinner together, watch telly on the couch, then go to bed; and the cycle repeats itself the following day, and the days after…sounds all too familiar? We totally get it! Fortunately, we get a break at the end of the week to escape the routine! TGIF!

WEEKENDS! – are what we, and most couples we know, look forward to all week. Sometimes they come quickly, sometimes it can feel like they take forever to come around. To make it less painful for us to get through the week, we would often try to plan something fun to do on the weekend, like a mini weekend getaway for couples. We noticed that whenever we had something to look forward to do at the end of the week, the week usually passes quicker than when we have no plans. Getting away from home on the weekend allows us to experience new fun together as a couple, recuperate and rekindle the romance in our relationship. Weekend getaways do not have to be expensive, but just to be fair, there’s also nothing wrong in treating yourself and your partner to a nice luxurious weekend getaway after working so hard all week, especially if its for a special occasion. Whether you are looking for a cheap weekend getaway for couples or a luxurious staycation, here are some ideas for you to create fun with your partner on the weekend!

Camping by the beach or in the forest

Creating a bonfire on the beach while camping as a couple.Camping is such a great way to not only escape the city (known these days as a concrete jungle) and to recuperate from daily life stresses, but also if you’re an outdoor person looking for an adventure. Whether you choose to camp by the beach or in the forest, being close to nature has many advantages for your mental, physical and emotional health. You’ll instantly notice the difference once you’re away from metropolitan areas, which are unfortunately full of air, noise and light pollution. One of our favorite things to do and look forward to each time as we drive away from the hustle and bustle towards the camp site, is the very first breath of fresh air that we inhale as we wind down the car windows. At this point, we are either surrounded by lush green forest, or if driving along the coastline, beautiful view of endless blue ocean and skyline. With the right camping equipment, camping can be quite enjoyable and relaxing. Some camp sites offer facilities like shower and toilet, so if you are just getting used to the idea of camping or would like to start slow, look out for these camp sites.

A camping tent under a dark blue sky.Here are some of the activities that we enjoy doing together as a couple while camping:

  • hiking through the woods
  • swimming in the ocean/river
  • water activities – snorkeling, kayaking, standup paddle boarding
  • taking long walks on the beach
  • star gazing at night (excellent opportunity as difficult in cities due to light pollution)
  • roasting marshmallows over a campfire
  • sharing life stories
  • talking about our future and dreams
  • playing card games

Is camping your thing too? Share with us your experience in the comments section below!

Winery Escapes

A winery escape is a great weekend getaway for couples.In Australia, we are blessed with amazing vineyards and wineries that stretches across acres of land, just within a short drive from most major cities around the country (ranges from as little as 45 minutes up to 3 hours) . Therefore, spending a romantic and relaxing weekend/overnight winery escape for two naturally becomes one of our top fun weekend getaways for couples. What’s not to love about waking up to beautiful mornings with uninterrupted views of rolling vines and fresh country air?

Besides the obvious – being spoilt with choices for wine tasting at various local boutique wineries in the vicinity, most wine estates now offer top restaurant quality gourmet dining experience for foodies looking to satisfy their indulgence, like us! Another thing that we love so much about a winery escape is the ability to enjoy an intimate and leisure stroll through what seems like never-ending rows of gnarled grapevines – just bliss! If you like exploring, there’s usually a nearby town that you can venture to for more good food and wine.

In Western Australia where we currently live, Margaret River makes an excellent choice for a weekend winery escape. Margaret River is not only known for its premium wine, it is the only wine region in Australia where you can, all in the same day, wine and dine at award winning wineries, enjoy a swim/surf in the ocean, take a walk through tall-timber forests and explore ancient limestone caves! Sounds too good to be true?? It’s not! Check out it our for yourself – Discover Margaret River!
There are a great deal of weekend winery escapes with luxury accommodation and meals included out there, so do look around for a decent overnight package. Some places even offer spa/massage vouchers, which are definitely a bonus if you do come across one! What a great place wineries and vineyards make to unwind and just focus on spending quality time with each other, highly recommended to book immediately if you haven’t experienced it!

Coast or Country Getaways

Weekend getaway at a country cottage.Nowadays, with many easy to use self booking accommodation platforms online such AirBnb and Stayz, coast/country getaways have become more affordable for everyone. The options to have the opportunity to – live like a local, are endless. Choose from a wide range of amazing homes, cabins, beach houses, villas, tiny houses, cottages and farm houses, each showcasing their own style and uniqueness.

Picture yourself and your significant other:

  • enjoying a delicious home cooked meal outdoors, with magnificent mountain views as backdrop and fresh mountain air to breathe in; or
  • sharing a warm hearty country roast with scenic view of lush green forest, fresh woodsy air and sound of birds singing in the background; or
  • after an awesome snorkeling session with wild dolphins, watch the beautiful sun set from your veranda with your partner in one arm and champagne glass in the other, celebrating and reminiscing on what a fantastic day the both of you just had doing activities together as a couple.

Weekend getaway at a cottage deep in the forest.If you prefer, you can also book these weekend getaways through travel search engines such as TripAdvisor, Agoda or Trivago. Travel search engines always have great deals and packages (meals, flights etc.) so be sure to look out for them. You can also read reviews of past travelers, view photos and find out ideas for what fun activities you can do as a couple.

Tiny houses are also quite popular these days. There is a company in Sydney, Australia, called Unyoked, where you can book your tiny house experience in the wilderness for the weekend online. Although the houses are tiny, you’ll have all the facilities you need for the weekend, like towels, bedding, hot shower, gas stove, fridge and so on. With the woods at your doorstep, there are plenty of ways to connect with nature. Hiking is definitely on top of our list of outdoor activities for couples!

What are you waiting for? Don’t miss out while others are having fun! Pack you weekend bags now and head to the coast or country this weekend!

Staycation in the City

Escape and relax with a massage at the spa.If you don’t feel like being too far from home but would still like to getaway from reality and just spend all weekend by the pool with a book or cocktail in one hand (or both…like us!), a staycation in the city is perfect for you! A great tip for you locals is to make sure that you are subscribed to all the local hotels and resorts to receive special weekend deals, most of them with continental buffet breakfast included! Sometimes if a show is on, you might even get discount entertainment tickets for you and your partner.

One of the great benefits of a staycation is that you won’t have the stress of having to drive a long distance to get to your destination, wait at airports, packing or carry heavy luggage around. Enjoy all the leisure without all the hard work, its the perfect way to quickly unwind from a hectic week at work! Sign up for a spa or massage session while you’re at it, or order in room service if you like.

Things we love to do while on a staycation in the city:

  • Sit by the pool all day, order from the pool bar food and drinks
  • Enjoy a buffet dinner offering a wide selection of meats and seafood, a great variety of cuisines from all around the world
  • Book ourselves in for a couples full body spa and massage session
  • Take a short stroll to a nearby award winning restaurant and treat ourselves to a scrumptious fine dining meal
  • Explore the city – we’re often busy on weekends so it is the perfect opportunity to play tourist and learn about what our lovely city offers!
  • Have a drink (or more) at a local tapas bar, bonus if they have live music
  • Take a romantic walk along the river front
  • Go shopping during the day, buy something nice for each other to remember the weekend
  • Visit local attractions – museum, aquarium, botanical park etc.

Spice up your relationship this weekend!


Share with us where you have been for a fun weekend getaway!

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  1. Hi Alicia,

    Great article, I really enjoyed the reading!
    These all great examples of what to do on the Weekend!
    My kids have growing up, and I think it’s time for my husband and me to go on a weekend only him and me. I really like the winery escape idea and County getaway.
    I will show this article to my husband, I am sure he will love it!
    Thank you for this excellent post!

    1. Thanks Daniella! Awww that sounds fantastic! I hope that you’ll be having your well deserved couples getaway soon! Nothing beats a relaxing and romantic getaway, to create more amazing memories with your special someone, just the two of you, like back in the days 😉 Enjoy!

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