Getting ready for a double kayaks trip (Part 2)

Be fully equipped and practice the use of rescue equipment such as life buoys, life jackets even if you know how to swim in case of emergencies such as overflowing, boat capsizing, sinking, etc.

Survey and understand the terrain, plan the distance and especially not forget to see the weather forecast to be able to take the initiative in any situation. The process of boating, rescue and rescue must always follow the instructions of the team leader, head, or rescuer.

Note on the attire and accessories included in the sailing

Apparel and accessories suitable for double kayak are sports apparel, or items that fit comfortably, wear sneakers or strap sandals. Necessary accessories are glasses, raincoats. Electronic devices such as phones, watches, cameras, etc. need waterproof protection.

Other notes

When double kayaking, keep in mind some notes as follows.

You should go in groups, should not go individually, should not arbitrarily separate groups, do not stand on the boat, do not litter indiscriminately.

Start trying boating in calm water until adapted and become proficient to move on the rugged terrain and wider.

Paddle when inflatable Kayak usually has 2 types: Short oars and long oars. The oars are short with a short paddle, but push the boat faster than the long paddle. The square paddle paddle is easier for beginners, and the professional will choose the feathered paddle.

Sit and row with the most comfortable posture and posture, relax your hands, do not need to be stiff or hold tight.

Kayaking can help bring many benefits for players such as exercise, mental shock, conquering nature, accumulating valuable experiences, and especially discovering many interesting things around us.

Enjoying the scenery from a new perspective, fully immersed in the river, nature, it is part of the experience that players have with the Kayak. Perhaps, that is also the reason why the world’s tourists are extremely favorite. Double kayaking has also become a type of service enjoyed by adventure sports lovers in the world, especially young people.