Guide class volleyball skills

High class volleyball skills are an ideal method of interest and learn to achieve the best score. So, what kind of skills does volleyball rank?

Sports is a field loved by many people, because it is the field that not only provides entertainment but also helps players have the best health development. In the field of sports, volleyball is an easy sport that does not require a lot of experience, just players persevere to achieve the goal. Therefore, volleyball skills is a very important first step and many people love volleyball.


The server is the person who stands from outside the baseline to serve, using the power of the arm to bring the ball to the opponent’s court. The tee-taker must choose the way of dropping the ball so that it is exactly in the intended direction, especially, the ball needs to cross the net and be within the court. In competition, when the tee shot must have strong technique and force, making the ball difficult, fast and strong so that the opponent cannot support or control the ball.


Receiving the ball is a very important skill for players. In this skill, requires the player to adjust the ball so that teammates can easily touch the ball and attack. Receiving the ball means controlling the ball after the tee shot. Controlling the ball is not simple because in addition to preventing the ball from touching the court, the player must also cleverly move the ball smoothly for the second pass to prepare to attack.

Smashing the ball is an important attack for volleyball. To be able to hit the ball effectively requires players to focus on many factors: Height, technology, power and the ability to turn on the maximum peak. The necessary skill of smashing the ball is that you must aim the falling point of the ball into the opponent’s field that no one can stop. This is the position that anyone who plays volleyball wants to play.