How to avoid losing points when serving in tennis doubles

When you play tennis in single matches, losing points on the serve is extremely annoying, but in doubles it is almost a sin that you can not forgive yourself. Because in two-person battles, the serving side will have a great advantage over the opponent.

So, you can not ruin these serves to make them know Break. In other words, you have to do everything you can to create pressure on the opponent and keep your serve. Therefore, to be a reliable teammate depends a lot on the basic principles of serve. Refer to a few suggestions below to be able to win your matches with your companion!

There are a lot of people who get the mission to play below but can’t complete their tasks, but the outcome of the game depends mainly on the teammate who is serving. What the grid player needs to pay close attention to is the proper displacement. Doing this will make it more difficult for your competitors to locate you.

Attacking players should stand in the middle of the serve box. As such, they can move to other positions more easily, from which they can comfortably stop a difficult fight. Never stand too close to the net because then will not be able to get a suitable angle to cut the opponent’s counterattack, also completely failed for the ball.

The pitcher should not stand too far from the center marker on the baseline

In the middle of this line is the ideal serve for the couple. One of the first rules of tennis delivery is to hit your opponent’s weakness and serve it straight there. From a wider angle you will probably be hitting the opponent’s strengths, which is also the mistake that makes the game change the direction.

If you have the second ball can be trusted, the first phase is just risking to find opportunities to score directly. Or put your opponent in a more disadvantageous position. If you do not dare to commit that your second serve is reliable, try to end at the first serve, then it will be more comfortable to think about going to the net.

For example, Pete Sampras, when playing in doubles matches, the audience will never have to worry and pay attention to the fact that he has an effective serve because his second shot was very effective. However, some other players do not dare to think about it when the difference in speed between the two serves is quite large.

Hope you now know how to avoid losing points when serving in tennis doubles.