How to not lose points when serving the ball in double tennis

When you play tennis in singles matches, losing points right away when serving is extremely frustrating, but in a double match, it is almost a crime that you can’t forgive yourself. things for me. Because, in battles with two people, the side to be handed will have a bigger advantage than the opponent.

So, you can’t miss these serves to make them break. In other words, you have to do everything you can to create pressure for your opponent and keep your serve. Therefore, to be a reliable teammate depends very much on the basic principles of serving. Please refer to a few suggestions below to be able to win your match with your companion!

There are many people who accept the task of playing below but are unable to complete their tasks but mostly the outcome of the match depends on the teammate who is serving the ball. What the net players need to pay close attention to is a reasonable relocation. This will help your opponents surprise and difficult to determine your position.

Attackers should stand in the middle of the serve box. Thus they can move to other locations more easily, from which you can comfortably stop a difficult hit phase. Never stand too close to the net because at that time it will not be possible to get a proper angle to cut the opponent’s return shots, also completely failing the ball tires.

The pitcher should not stand too far from the center mark on the bottom line

The center of this line is the ideal junction for couples to double. One of the first rules of tennis ball delivery is to hit the opponent’s weak spot and hand the ball straight into that spot. From a wider angle you may be hitting the opponent’s strong point, which is also the mistake that makes the game turn around.

If you have a reliable second ball, the first ball is risky to find a chance to score directly. Or put your opponent in a more disadvantageous position. If you do not dare to commit that your 2nd ball is reliable, try to finish at the first time, then it will be more comfortable to think about going to the net.