How to play table tennis doubles? (Part 1)

Table tennis is a very interesting sport, can play many people together. Today’s article, I will show you how to play the easiest table tennis doubles and can quickly play without difficulty.

Guide grip table tennis for new players

1. Determine which side to serve first

Before playing, determine which side to play first. This can simply use a coin to determine who plays first or if the lower side level can give that side the ball first.

2. Switch sides playing table tennis table

After each round or up to a certain score. Change your standing at the table tennis table to make the competition becomes more interesting and less boring.

3. Coordinate smoothly with teammates

When playing double in table tennis, coordinate skillfully with your teammates. Do not subject your team to excessive pressure from the other two opponents. Every time the tee shot for the opponent should cross the ball to the opponent. This effectively limits the serving techniques as well as the dribbling gestures

For example: divide 4 people evenly A, B, C, D. Two people on your side are A and B, the opponent D on the other side hits, then hit the ball back for C.

4. Alternate polishing

Remember that when playing a couple of table tennis, do not let one person hit the main, but must let two people rotate to return the ball of the opponent accordingly.

One should not hit the ball more than 2 times in a row, 2 people alternate the ball to avoid one person a strength or loss of rhythm that the opponent creates.

5. Fault-losing mistakes in a double match

– If the ball hits the ball again but does not hit the other side or goes outside then the other team will get points.