How to play table tennis doubles? (Part 2)

If the ball touches the table tennis surface 2 times on your side. The opponent will get points.
If the ball does not cross the table tennis net. The opponent will get points
If anyone touches the ball twice on the table tennis racket, the opponent will get points
If a half game limits the number of points played, for example 15–15, you will continue to play when one of the two teams is 2 points ahead.
If you touch the table tennis table or move, the opponent will get points.

Win a match of table tennis

To win, your team must achieve a score of 15 or 21 first.

Complete a match of table tennis

Usually, each match of a double table tennis game takes only 2–3 innings. No matter the level of each person, just need to understand a few basic principles to be able to start playing immediately.

Some tips for a match of double table tennis

Morale: Must be blood, awake but need to be beaten to hit the hands. When you beat, don’t blame each other, ban nagging good and bad fruits, positively praise the ecstasy of your teammates, etc.

Move: Good spirit, movement will also be positive. An important point to note is to move the table as soon as the ball leaves your friend or opponent. This is very important so that the team does not slow down when fighting. Once the ball has left the racket, it is no longer controllable, the game belongs to me and the ball.

Delivery: Need a symbol, and agree on the results should not be delivered. Maybe I have a very good one, but my friends cry when they return it. Positive results not swirling: Banana shock to or short of.

If it is possible to deliver the long weight close to the center line of the table, it is also very good. It is very difficult for chickens D and E to attack this fruit. If you dig it up, it will be easier to put it back, it will be long.