Is sport really good for couple?

Forget date night or a romantic getaway weekend, the key to a happy relationship is to exercise together – at least once a week. No kidding, here’s why:

Better sex life: regular exercise as a couple increased libido as while working out together, the bodies generate an energising quality to the activity, increase adrenaline flowing which make couples feel stronger, more confident and attractive.

Decrease frustration: Many frustrations stem not from the relationships but from the mental issues surrounding our lives. Hence, getting outside into nature and work out together, couples release toxins and disperse this frustration. Outdoor sports such as tennis, cycling and golf… can help couples to be more trusting of each other, more affectionate and less argumentative. Scientifically, exercise release mood-enhancing endorphins and adrenaline which make couples feeling energised, happier, attractive and in turn more affectionate towards others. Furthermore, making a joint plan, putting aside time for each other with intent help increase the commitment aspect of the relationship.

If the fitness levels of the couples vary drastically or they have different sports preferences, it is also the game of sacrifice on one person’s part, that’s a good thing which increases understanding and sympathy. Encouraging and supporting each other, slowing down for each other are things we don’t do enough. To get started with no sacrifice to be made or for those who can’t find common ground, simple start with something simple like walking together, building up to a hike.
In case you can’t play nicely, ballroom dancing is the smart choice which requires couples to “get in step” and become one rather than outsmart each other. In order to master dancing, it relies on good partnering, which only happens if you communicate physically, verbally and emotionally. And, Once they get the hang of it, they will be more open with their partner, laughing and joking.