Latest rules in tennis doubles you need to know (Part 1)

The new tennis scoring law has been enacted by the World Tennis Federation (ITF), detailing and clarifying the most accurate scoring method in a tennis match.

Besides knowing the rules of the game and the techniques of tennis, one of the first things that a tennis player needs to know is how to calculate the score in competition. With this article, Gift Viet will give tennis players a quick, easy to understand score, so that beginners to learn about this sport will not have difficulty in training and competition. duel.

Each sport has a unique scoring method. With tennis, each match will be divided into points, games, sets and based on that to determine the score, determine the winner or lose.

A tennis match consists of a score, a game and a set. There are usually 3 sets for every match. Whoever wins before 2 sets is considered to win. The game may also consist of 5 sets, whoever wins the previous 3 sets will win the match.

In each set, it will consist of games, whoever wins before 6 games wins the set, but must be more than the opponent with a difference of 2 games. In the case of a set of 5 to 5, the game will continue until one opponent wins more than the other opponent 2 games to decide who wins the set.

How to calculate the score in tennis

Under the rules of tennis, if the score is 7–6, then the set is over (but not the last set when both of them have drawn 1–1 or 2–2 depending on the match set).

If the player wins the first point, points will be given for that player; win the second point, score 30 for that player; winning the third point, the score is 40 and winning the fourth point is winning that game. Except for the following cases.

If both players win by three points, the score is 40 and the player who wins the next point will gain points. If he wins the next point, he wins the game. If the opponent wins the next point, the score is 40 evenly. And so on until one player wins two consecutive points after the score will win the game.