Latest rules in tennis doubles you need to know (Part 2)

In doubles also apply the same way as single play. From 40, the serves are entitled to support the ball in the right half or the left half. The couple who wins the deciding point wins the game.

In doubles tennis, the tennis score law has some different content as follows.

From the score of 40, if the male player serves the ball, he must serve the opposing player regardless of the part of the court, when the female player serves the female’s enemy team.

The scoring rule has a few differences in doubles between men and women

To make it easier to remember, we can summarize the scoring rule for tennis with the following basic contents.

If both competitors win three points, the score is 40, they will hit the deciding point and the player who serves the ball on the left or right court.

The player who wins the deciding point wins the game. The player who wins the first result is graded 15 points, wins the second result is 30 points, wins the third result is calculated 40 points and wins the fourth result is won the game, except for the following cases.

If both players win by three, it is counted as the winner, the player who wins the next match then is counted as an advantage and still wins the game and the game wins. If the other player wins then it counts evenly and so on until the player who wins the next 2 consecutive numbers since the score is even then that player wins the game.

Point calculation in tennis is quite complicated

The scoring rules for tennis are generally quite complex and can be difficult for beginners. However this is an important content that players cannot ignore. However, because it is divided into many games and sets, players have many opportunities to change the game. Therefore, it is important for the players to keep their mentality stable, choose the right play, tactics to achieve good results.

Tennis is becoming an attractive sport, attracting more players and watching every year. With the above information, it is expected that you will have a basic understanding of the scoring law and will be more confident when starting this sport.