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Travel Photos to Make Photo Book

Nowadays, taking beautiful high quality photos is no longer something only a professional photographer can do. Advanced camera technology in smartphones, tablets or digital cameras allows us to capture precious memories instantly, whenever we want, wherever we are. It’s been great to be able to keep on snapping the fun moments spent together with loved ones.

Over the years, we have compiled a great collection of photos which we stored on our computer. We sure had many memorable moments, but we hardly had time to look back at our photos, or share them with our family and friends when they come around. We felt that it would be really nice to relive the happy moments we’ve had from time to time. So, we started looking into making our own photo album books, to showcase our life story and remember all the precious moments in life. To our surprise, it was super easy to make a photo book online, inexpensive to print and fast delivery straight to the doorstep. Who knew making your own photo album books would make a really fun thing to do at home!

Tell Your Story

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A picture paints a thousand words. Our customized photo album books tell stories of our travels, adventures, special occasions and precious moments spent with each other and our loved ones. Showcase the best of your photos, arrange them in chronological order and even write your own captions on each page of the photo album book, to make your story come to life when someone looks at your photos.

Take the photo album book with you wherever you go, and share it with your friends and family. Photos kept away do nothing to spark joy. Instead, bring back the good memories and fun times, place your photo album book in a convenient location for you to look at. We have ours on the coffee table in the living room, where we hang out most and when we have friends and family over. Our precious memories are forever cherished and preserved in our photo books.

Customize Your Photo Book

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Select from a variety of backgrounds, layouts and stylish embellishments to enhance your photos and create your personalized photo album book. There is a different design to choose from, for any photo, in every occasion. Have the freedom to arrange your pictures, resize, crop or add text anywhere on the page, to make your photo book perfect to show who you are. You can also get your pictures arranged for you or opt for a skilled designer to help make your photo album book awesome!

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Here are some cool features you should know when making your own photo album book:

  • Tell your story in style. There are so many options you can choose for inspiration – Modern White, Beach Travel, Summer Days, Watercolor, Disney, Elegant Wedding, Recipes and so much more!
  • Choose layflat pages – special effect for seamless display
  • Quality paper: Matte-finish (for travel, everyday occasion, family) or Satin-finish (for wedding, family, special occasion)
  • Photo book cover: Hard cover with durable glossy or scratch-resistant matte finish; or high quality fabric, silk or leather
  • Different book sizes to choose from, mini square book to extra large


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Photo Book Ideas For Every Occasion

There are endless occasions we found useful to make our own photo album book. Here are some example occasions where you can turn your pictures into awesome photo books:

Photobook occasions, holiday, travel, adventure

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Photobook occasions, couple engagement, family, friends

Do More with Your Photos

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Creating your own photo album book is really fun and it gets even better — you can turn the photos you’ve just chosen and edited into personalized gifts, cards, calendars and much more! Best of all, you can do this in the comfort of your home (in your pj’s on the couch). Create customized gifts such as jewelry, T-shirts, kitchenware (tea towels, jars etc.), magnets, glassware, games, bar accessories, or cards for every occasion (birthday, anniversary etc.), or even calendars of different sorts. It feels great to receive something personal and have around the house or office space, to remember the important people that matter in your life. For us, family always comes first, and we love having something personal in our home to remember them and the good times spent together.

Whenever you are looking for something fun to do at home, give photo book making a go. You’ll be surprised at how much you will enjoy looking through old photos and find yourselves talking about the past, reminiscing what great times you’ve had. We will always remember the very first photo album book we made and the day it was delivered — it was the best feeling ever. We finally had the book in our hands, to admire our creation and be able to forever cherish our precious memories. This is how we’ve chosen to preserve our life story, would it be yours too?


Share with us below your experience or ideas of making a photo album book!


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