Mistakes you should avoid when playing double badminton (Part 2)


Learn how to move on the court in badminton.

Keep the body in a state of always moving, eyes sweeping around the yard, sticking to the opponent, always ready to move the ball when the opponent hits it. Good quality, ready to support teammates.

Take the racket in front of you, take the initiative to be ready to win the ball when you see you can win.

3. Use Hard Strikes

During Badminton Playing, you often use hard balls such as regular cross-play without changing cards. Or fight hard for the opponent to want to win the point.

You forget that when you hit too hard the opponent, but you are not prepared for the next fruit, then the opponent will borrow your hard left, to respond quickly, causing you to switch from now on from active to passive.


Please fight in a diverse sphere, constantly changing the situation.

Do not make the ball too hard when your body is not ready, you have not run to catch the ball but have been worried about difficulty.

4. Smalling cross-court cutting team faces

Usually, in doubles, you often get left when the opponent serves, you receive the serve, then leave and run diagonally to continue to catch the next left, so when the teammate is standing on the side after you, you run like that will make the team lost direction, and you have made it difficult for you.

When you drop the ball backward, then the opponent will actively re-install you, now that you have been pushed back, then it is likely that you have moved into a passive position.


Smalling, stick to the net, follow the net, waiting for the opportunity to counter attack.

Install the opponent to kick back, at that time let your teammates perform, handle the ball behind, in order to create the initiative.