Mistakes you should avoid when playing double badminton (Part 3)

5. Hard dam smashing

In the process of hitting the men’s double badminton, you just play when you see that the rising bridge is just like trying to beat, without knowing how the ball is, whether it is correct or not.

When the balls are hard to reach too far, When he performed the blow, the shuttle had no force, on the contrary the opponent countered and lost the initiative.

You want to keep beating to want to take the right to decide the score, you forget how hard it is to beat the bridge.


_Building the bridge to the right direction is easy, in front of you, do not let the person go back and still smash the bridge.

_No beat the stuffed ball, when the ball is a little out of reach, beat it to allow your teammates to decide on the word 2,3,4.

_ Note that you do not need to fight so hard to play safely, and cooperate with teammates, do not show it alone.

6. Standing forward and face to the back

This is a point that you just need to pay attention, when you play doubles often you stand in front of your opponent when they counter attack backwards, or turn your head back to see how.

This case is very dangerous during the game, you stand in front of you must not turn straight to look back, but only slightly glanced, if looking back after the counter-attack, especially the cross, easy to enter Straight eyes or face, at high risk of injury.


_Restrain to look straight back, so gradually practice feeling when listening to the bridge and practicing judgment, to handle each situation.

The above are some common mistakes in badminton doubles, for you and your newcomer to the basic badminton field, have an overview, and learn from experience while playing Badminton.

In the process of writing the sharing article, it is inevitable that the mistake, hope you have experience in badminton, the coaches give more comments to make the article always complete, and for the members to read and understand. , easy to grasp and easy to apply during the course of playing badminton increasingly better.