Mistakes you should avoid when playing doubles badminton (Part 1)

In the process of playing doubles badminton, people often make mistakes in Men’s Badminton, Women’s Doubles. It is often new to the sport of badminton. Especially in the match you often want to get points right after starting to fight.

But at this moment you make a mistake when in the match you are under pressure from the opponent, making you more easily distracted, and distracted, prone to errors exposed, making The opponent has the initiative.

Routines are often difficult to correct, and in your opinion, so when you do not know the method of moving in the Badminton Courtyard, it will be very hard and also prone to injury.

Therefore, according to the Badminton Coach, when you are not able to play Badminton, you should find a coach near you or a friend who can play and share your skills, the method of badminton, so you can become a good movement player or you can become a professional tennis player if you get the right investment.

It is also important to look at your badminton style and one you have undergone basic training, then you will know the appropriate way to choose for yourself a good method of badminton.

Below are some basic mistakes.

1.Eductive inefficiencies

Serve is not effective

In doubles serve, it is very important to get a good score in a match, if the serve is not good, is caught, short, or serve, that will immediately win the opponent.


Practice serving many times, practice feeling good.

In the way of service in badminton double play, it is not difficult, but it is not easy if you do not train yourself a method of serving in the initiative.

2. Stand in the yard in a static state

It means waiting for time, refusing to move, people casually watching the bridge, the racket lands freely, without preparation.

In fact, when the bridge does not come to you, you do not actively move, do not know the method of moving in the yard, just stand and watch where the bridge is going.