Most Famous Sports Couples Of All-Time (part 1)

When a sport superstar is dating another sport superstar, they become a powerful couple. Many of those have existed in sports, just as it has in politics or business.

The marriage of superstar athletes would’ve absolutely resulted in genetically talented children. There are a plenty of powerful couples in sports that had happy endings and bear children now.

Let’s take a look at the most famous sports couples:

Rory McIlroy & Caroline Wozniacki
Danish tennis player – Caroline Wozniacki – is the first Scandinavian to become female tennis world #1. Wozniacki finished on the top rank of women tennis player on the planet during 67 weeks at the end of 2010 and 2011, thanks to 25 WTA victories, including six each in 2010 and 2011.

Northern Ireland’s Rory McIlroy was golf’s leading player during 95 weeks being one of the three players in golf history to win three majors by age 25 besides Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods. McIlroy has won 2 PGA Championships, 1 US Open Championship and 1 Open Championship and currently is the ambassador of the EA Sports’ video game series ‘PGA Tour’.

The couple began dating in 2011, were engaged in 2013 but then McIlroy called of the wedding in 2014.

Anna Kournikova & Sergei Fedorov
Anna Kournikova was the most photographed women tennis player in the world and once was one of the most searched names in Google. She was a bombshell of a tennis player who ranked world #8 in 2000 although she has never won any tournament. She later paired with former world #1 player Martina Hingis to win two Australian Open titles.
Sergei Fedorov was one of the best playoff Hockey players, winning three Stanley Cup titles with the Detroit Red Wings, the Hart Trophy winner of the NHL in 1994 and one of the 100 Greatest NHL Players in January 2017. His name was inducted to the NHL Hall of Fame in 2015 and the International Hockey Hall of Fame in 2016.
They met when Anna was only 15 years old as their families were close. They had a long friendship and understood each other’s situation in their respective career. They married briefly. Anna was then dating Enrique Iglesias.

Latest rules in tennis doubles you need to know (Part 2)

In doubles also apply the same way as single play. From 40, the serves are entitled to support the ball in the right half or the left half. The couple who wins the deciding point wins the game.

In doubles tennis, the tennis score law has some different content as follows.

From the score of 40, if the male player serves the ball, he must serve the opposing player regardless of the part of the court, when the female player serves the female’s enemy team.

The scoring rule has a few differences in doubles between men and women

To make it easier to remember, we can summarize the scoring rule for tennis with the following basic contents.

If both competitors win three points, the score is 40, they will hit the deciding point and the player who serves the ball on the left or right court.

The player who wins the deciding point wins the game. The player who wins the first result is graded 15 points, wins the second result is 30 points, wins the third result is calculated 40 points and wins the fourth result is won the game, except for the following cases.

If both players win by three, it is counted as the winner, the player who wins the next match then is counted as an advantage and still wins the game and the game wins. If the other player wins then it counts evenly and so on until the player who wins the next 2 consecutive numbers since the score is even then that player wins the game.

Point calculation in tennis is quite complicated

The scoring rules for tennis are generally quite complex and can be difficult for beginners. However this is an important content that players cannot ignore. However, because it is divided into many games and sets, players have many opportunities to change the game. Therefore, it is important for the players to keep their mentality stable, choose the right play, tactics to achieve good results.

Tennis is becoming an attractive sport, attracting more players and watching every year. With the above information, it is expected that you will have a basic understanding of the scoring law and will be more confident when starting this sport.

Improve your Relationship with Boxing (Part 2)

Boxing time in the ring is only one part of a legitimate boxing regimens. There are numerous components to boxing training with a partner, including speed drills, jumping rope, and punching the bag to increase strength.

There are chance that you would prefer not to practice with your significant other, you can join boxing classes together that combine those exercises mentioned above. Training centers offer courses for couples to train together, including hitting punching bags, yet never scrapping with one another.

Meeting New People Through Boxing

Not only is boxing an excellent way of getting closer intimacy with your significant other, but it can help if you are seeking your next date when you are recently single. Meeting new people is a benefit of joining a boxing gym, and the wonderful thing is you already have common interest with everybody there.

If you have never owned a pair of boxing gloves in your life but are fond of adapting this new activity into your life, do not hesitate any longer. The sooner you begin your road to a better you with boxing, the faster you can meet new people or develop your current amorous relationship. Imagine a dimly lit room, the sound of heavy breathing, minimal clothing on sweaty male and female bodies, all of which you will find when entered boxing class.

At any radom boxing gym that  you’re likely to enter, you might witness happy couples doing battle in the ring. One reason for the current popularity of the boxing might be that it allows an energetic spin on couples’ therapy. 

Boxing gets any aggression one might have against their partner out in the open. Try attending boxing classes together every week, and you might soon have your spouse along for the ride which is the biggest incentive of all for improving relationships. Just the fact that being there would motivate each other – if one us punching better than the other, that person would want to keep up. Competing against the one that you love and know really drives you on.

The basic rules to calculate scores in tennis doubles (Part 2)

4. Unordered serves in tennis doubles

If a player does not serve in the correct order, he or she shall serve the ball immediately after the error is discovered. The previously calculated points remain the same. If the game ends before the error is detected, the serve sequence continues in the wrong order.

5. Error And Order Of Handing serve In Doubles

If in a game, the order in which the ball is served is changed by the people who serve it, the error continues until the end of the game, when the error is discovered. The players will return to the correct order to serve the original serve in the next game of that set.

6. Bad serve in doubles

Bad serve as set out in Article 10 or if the ball touches the partner of the server. But if the ball is delivered in contact with the team-mate the player who catches the serve is not a re-strike as stated in Article 24a before the ball hits the court, the player who serves the ball is awarded.

7. The Rules of Politics in Doubles

In tennis doubles, after the serve, the ball may be played, played back, by any pair of players. If a player touches the ball in play with his racquet against the rules then the opponent will win the point.

Unless otherwise stated, everything stated in this law for male players also includes women.

8. Instructions For The Doubles Backline

Usually people use a combination of single and double yard.

First, choose the position of the grid, draw a line of 12.8 m long. Mark the middle (X as shown), from there measure and orientate each side to identify points

– From 4.11 m to point a and point b where the mesh cuts within the vertical boundary.

– From 5.03 m to the position of single support pile (wooden slats) n- n.

– From 5.49 m to points A and B where the mesh cuts outside the vertical border.

– From 6.40 m is the position of NN grid column, the final position of the main line is 12.8 m.

Improve your Relationship with Boxing (Part 1)

Boxing is an ideal sport for couples seeking a method to connect with a partner. It is unusual that women love its extremeness, dynamism, and accessibility but it isn’t impossible.

Researchers believe that couples practice boxing together benefits their relationship, assuming that when romantic partners release their animosity towards each other in a physical activity like boxing, it lessen verbal fights in a relationship.

Coed Boxing

It was not until the beginning of the 21st century that men accepted the fact that women can be boxers as well. Since then, coed fighting developed at a furious pace, especially when couples sparred with each other.

Strict rules applied before sparring is the reason coed combat popular today. Women punch men substantially harder than men hit them, and sometimes, men do not hit women by any means.

In any case, that does not mean the male boxers are not having a proper exercise when fighting a female opponent. They believe it time well spent on improving their defensive skills and movements such as bobbing and weaving.

When it comes to female boxers sparring with a male partner, they feel enormously empowered doing so. Both professional and amateur female boxers prefer their male partner to hit them harder to develop their blocking skills and raise their pain tolerance.

Coed Sparring Critics And Alternatives

Despite the popularity in couples sparring with each other over the past decade, some critics consider this practice is not good for relationship. Some say that accidents occurs in the ring all the time and that a romantic partner hardly can get over the fact their mate responsible for such a bad thing to them.

Most men, however, have the tendency to hold back when practicing with a woman, trying to avoid making any pain on them. Many of these men are only practicing and doing it with their romantic partner makes it much better.

Latest rules in tennis doubles you need to know (Part 1)

The new tennis scoring law has been enacted by the World Tennis Federation (ITF), detailing and clarifying the most accurate scoring method in a tennis match.

Besides knowing the rules of the game and the techniques of tennis, one of the first things that a tennis player needs to know is how to calculate the score in competition. With this article, Gift Viet will give tennis players a quick, easy to understand score, so that beginners to learn about this sport will not have difficulty in training and competition. duel.

Each sport has a unique scoring method. With tennis, each match will be divided into points, games, sets and based on that to determine the score, determine the winner or lose.

A tennis match consists of a score, a game and a set. There are usually 3 sets for every match. Whoever wins before 2 sets is considered to win. The game may also consist of 5 sets, whoever wins the previous 3 sets will win the match.

In each set, it will consist of games, whoever wins before 6 games wins the set, but must be more than the opponent with a difference of 2 games. In the case of a set of 5 to 5, the game will continue until one opponent wins more than the other opponent 2 games to decide who wins the set.

How to calculate the score in tennis

Under the rules of tennis, if the score is 7–6, then the set is over (but not the last set when both of them have drawn 1–1 or 2–2 depending on the match set).

If the player wins the first point, points will be given for that player; win the second point, score 30 for that player; winning the third point, the score is 40 and winning the fourth point is winning that game. Except for the following cases.

If both players win by three points, the score is 40 and the player who wins the next point will gain points. If he wins the next point, he wins the game. If the opponent wins the next point, the score is 40 evenly. And so on until one player wins two consecutive points after the score will win the game.

What Dance Style Is Best for Your First Spin with Your Spouse? (Part 3)

Hip-Hop Dance
Dance begins at 2:00 mark. If you and your spouse are more interested in modern music than the classics and you’re expecting to get the party going right off the bat, a hip hop dance would definitely do the trick. As a popular dance style in the recent decades, there are many different movements from hit songs to select from. Depending on your dedicated time, a change of attire is essential to get into the moves. The key to hip hop is engaging and you won’t need a choreographer to teach your routine – typically, you can create one out of the movements you already know. Most modern hip-hop, rap, or R&B songs will be the perfect choice to set the right atmosphere for your dance. It makes a great atmosphere for the celebration.

Free-Form or a Mash-Up
If you’re expecting to include a variety of different songs or dance movements, the possibilities to choose are endless. You can select your favorite dances and couple them with different tunes to suit your personal style. No need to hire a choreographer – unless you’d like to – you and your spouse can work out the routine yourselves. This style’s appeal is tailored: decide if you’ll do a quick step, who you’d like to include, and in what order your movements take place.

Flash Mob
As a phenomenon only popular in the last few decade or so, a “flash mob” dance requires the participation of many people beside your partner. If you are not familiar with the concept, a “flash mob” is a type of dance that started with only a few people, and overtime, more and more gradually to be included in. By the end of the song, a whole bunch of loved ones are dancing. Traditionally, these are dace used in public as a surprise to passengers, but your guests will be just as amazed as your routine develops with the participation of bridal party members, friends, and family. Add your own personal movement, spotlight certain individual, have sections of song wherein just small group dances join. Not much different from a mash-up, any song selection or dance style will work, but it requires the participation from others and far more preparation and practice than the other forms!

The basic rules to calculate scores in tennis doubles (Part 1)

The following article will help you better understand the rules of tennis doubles in a most detailed and concise manner. Help you practice hitting sometimes playing tennis easier, avoid making unnecessary mistakes.

1. The Rules of Doubles Tennis Court

For doubles, the pitch is 10.97 m wide, which means each side is 1.37 m wider than the single court.

2. The Rules of the Order of serving when pairing

The order of service will be decided when starting each set.

The couple who is entitled to serve in the first game will send the player to serve first and the opposing team will also send the first serve in the second game. The first game partner will serve in the third set; The second game partner will serve the fourth game and the sequence will continue in the next games of the set.


When doubles, a team member fails to arrive on time, can the other player ask to play alone with the other team?



3. The Rules of the Order of serving in doubles

The order in which the ball is to be served will be determined before the start of each set.

The serving pair in the first game will select the first serve and that person will continue to receive the first serve in the individual games of that set. It is the same for the opponent, deciding who to serve first in the second game and who continues to serve first in even games of the whole set. Teammates take turns serving from beginning to end of each game.


Is it allowed to stand in a team doubles match of a player who serves or blocks serve?


Yes. The teammate of the serving player and teammate of the serving player shall have the right to stand at any place on their side, including outside the court.

What Dance Style Is Best for Your First Spin with Your Spouse? (Part 2)

The Swing

A variety of dance styles belongs to this category, such as the Lindy hop, jitterbug, jive, boogie, East and West Coast swing. It’s rather fast-paced style, fun and lively way to kick off your marriage with a few lifts, fast turns, and leg kicks. We suggest you learn with a professional choreographer! Brides should consider changing their wedding gown into a shorter, flowy dress and wearing dance shorts and dancing shoes. Grooms should wear comfortable shoes and suit jacket.

The Foxtrot

Something of in between a Waltz and a swing dance, it is fantastic for a pair featured a medium tempo and playful dance movements that go with a wide variety of classic and contemporary songs. The moves can get complicated, but modern wedding outfits will look very nice as you do a Foxtrot.

The Rumba
This Latin dance is best for a couple looking to ignite a sensual vibe from their first dance due to a lot of hip work and fluidity. Although, it’s not hard to learn as other Latin styles, such as the salsa and mambo, but will definitely require serious practice. There is a limited selection of melodies that suits this style, but they’re not hard to find and very enjoyable. Shoes may need to be changed, and bride may want to make sure her gown can handle hip movement and turns.

Mambo & Salsa Dance
The salsa and mambo are fast-paced dance incorporate some complicated steps that bring a certain sensual, and flair to your first dance. Latin songs are always excellent tunes for this form. Practise with a professional to master this dance and remember that a costume change into more dance-friendly clothing is recommended. A tango dance might also be an excellent choice, though it is a bit too sexual and serious for a wedding dance.

The strategy in badminton doubles for men and women (Part 2)

2. Receive serve

Female players

If receiving a short serve, you should return the net at the corner of the net closest to you, as close as possible, or return to the opponent who has delivered your serve.

If receiving a long serve, smash the shuttle towards the opponent’s female player or towards the side.

After returning the bridge, the female player must follow her demand curve, and head towards the net, the T-zone area, as soon as possible to stabilize the squad.

Male players

If receiving a short serve, return the net at the corner of the net closest to the player. Help create the best conditions for his teammates to dominate the net control and control the retaliation in the net area.

If receiving a long serve, smash the shuttle towards the opponent or side.

Depending on the opponent’s formation in the badminton doubles match, there may be different fighting styles. Two half-yard bumps will make it difficult for the opponent if the opponent is in the top and bottom line. Direct smashes will make it difficult for the opponent if the opponent is in a two-sided formation.

3. When attacking

Female players

Always stick to the net area in order to catch all the net shots, and intercept as much as possible the opponent’s cross-jibs. Female players must limit as much as possible to get the lift.

Always in front and hind legs, and move smoothly according to the situation of the bridge. The racket must always be held high above the head and on the edge of the net and forward in the position to be ready to hit the ball at the highest possible position when it has passed through the net.

When having to counter the cross just past the net, the female player should be slightly bent to lower her body so that she can hit the opponent’s ball with her racket position still above her head.

Try to hit the plugging line as much as possible, as far from the opponent’s arm as possible, or as much as possible disturbing the opponent’s formation. Do not look back to see how your teammates are fighting. Instead, the female player should watch her opponent’s movement and listen for her teammates’ calls from behind.