Valentine’s Day is coming and you are probably looking for something fun and different to do as a couple despite having dinner out, or watching a movie.  Why not try something out of the ordinary by showing your partner a little spontaneity in life such as get certified and go diving. Research found that couples who spent time jointly doing new and exciting sports are more satisfied with their relationships. These are the reasons why.

Couples get to learn to communicate in a diverse way such as hand signals rather than talking.  Learning how to effectively communicate with each other will enhance the trust, honesty, and respect the relationship. Develop the communication to a whole new level to strengthen the relationship much stronger as a couple.  Even a sense of quiet while you are both underwater can carry on in a different type of “language”.

Planning toward common goals – from simple things like what you pack to where you dive when you’re underwater or who will drive home after the dive.  Scuba diving doesn’t begin the minute you get in the water; it begins the moment you decide to go. You should start planning on logistics a few days in advance bringing snacks, cash, and decisions where to go for lunch after the dive, the checklists and gear.  That can be a lot of fun as you do a double check on your partner’s equipment which is also a good way to understand your partner’s “needs and wants”. Given the planning, the checklist and the communication of what you wish to accomplish on these particular dives , you can decide what gear you need to bring to ensure having a great time because you have both planned and agreed on what to get out of this adventure. A win-win for both.