Relaxing on the Beach

Watching the sunset together at the beach is a fun and romantic couple activity.

We are very lucky to live in Australia, a beautiful country surrounded by the ocean and beautiful coastlines. Within just a short drive, we are able to get our fix of sun, white sandy beaches and clear blue ocean, but most importantly the perfect time out to spend quality time together as a couple. The beach also makes a romantic holiday destination for couples to escape, unwind, relax and have some ‘we’ time.

There are so many couple activities you can do at the beach with your special someone. To give you some ideas, here are some of the fun and romantic activities we do at the beach to strengthen our connection for a long lasting happy and healthy relationship:

Watch the sunset

We can never get over watching the sunset together, just brings out all the emotions of love and appreciation for the beauty of nature as well as the presence of each other in that moment.

Tip: Add extra romance to your evening by watching the sunset while riding a camel, like us in the photo!

Take long walks on the beach

Although cliché, spending time together alone when strolling along the beach allows us to discover and reconnect with each other in a relaxing environment.


Listen to the sound of the ocean waves breaking

Sit together on the beach as a couple, listening to and watching the waves break.

Sitting on the beach next to each other with our eyes closed heightens other senses like hearing and touch. The sound of the ocean waves breaking has a calming effect, which easily allows us to immerse in the moment of simply being there in each other’s company. Try it if you haven’t already!

Going for a quick dip in the morning

There is nothing more refreshing than a quick dip in the ocean before you start the day. This is always fun to do together as you laugh and play in the waves, somehow bringing you back to when you were kids and energizing you for the day.

Tip: Try not to do any sunbathing for this morning dip, as this typically makes you tired and sleepy…not really what you want to for the start of the day!

Have a romantic picnic with a view

Perfect way to reminisce the happy times in our relationship over a nice meal, wine and natural beauty of the ocean.

Explore nearby trails close to the beach

We’re always up for short hikes along the shoreline as we know that we will be rewarded with great views, while also connecting with nature in the sand dunes. Sometimes you might even find a ‘secret’ bay or location to share a private kiss…

Hire bicycles from the beach resort and go exploring

We love an adventure, so hiring bicycles (or using your own if you are home) are a fun and great way to get around to discover the area, other beaches and shops. 


Water sports

Doing an activity bring us closer, especially if it is a new activity for the both of us. Surfing, jet skiing, kayaking, snorkeling and scuba diving are some of the fun water activities that we enjoy doing together, you should try it too!

Star gazing on a warm summer’s night

What an amazing thing to do while lying next to each other on the beach! Staring out into the big universe reminds us of how grateful we are to cross paths and be in each other’s lives.

Couples massage and spa treatments

Nothing wrong with a little pampering while we’re on vacation to revitalize our bodies and energy to enjoy our couples’ getaway! Great recipe to maintain a happy and healthy relationship!


Share with us below what your favorite beach activity is!



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