Some experience you should know when playing double badminton (Part 1)

1. When supporting Smash, we bend to the ground or we stand upright to hold and raise the racket to the surface of the player or the racket.

2. When playing, move the circle or serve, then stand in the middle of the 1-2 net catch. As for the one who fought alongside, how often did he let him know, or play along with the pitch – the pitch of which he played.

 When serving, the server must take the initiative, the bridge just out of his body then slightly lower to lower people to see the bridge clearly, avoid excess movements, will make the latter lose focus and give up That bridge, losing points like that is very bad, only moving along the yard if the bridge is raised, when the back of the dam must actively run to cling to the net (good smash like Fu Hai Feng without good support, then beat).

But again, it doesn’t work either), if you see that the next person has to hit 3 results, you have to take the initiative to retreat to the back of the support field, 2 spelling 1 is not crippling, you see a lot of changes instead of beating. You also have to try to cover the net a little bit because of quick and unexpected play.

If your pair include 1 weak and 1 strong athletes, you will stand on the bottom to better beat the yard and the task of the weak is to catch the net and play along the yard.

3. Practice your wrists

Wrist training is not all the power to play badminton, there must be strength from the legs, hips, chest, breathing, shoulder blades, forearms, wrists, you should do a lot of muscle rather than just trying wrist training, too strong is not strong, athletes will also only lift 5.7 kg for wrist only if the exercise is too broken here.