Some experience you should know when playing double badminton (Part 2)

There are many ways to practice wrist diversity. The simplest and most economical, stuffing sand into a beer bottle and turning the number 8 every day 100 times evenly after 1 month, you will feel a little different. Or practice with a tennis racket and rotate the figure 8 like a beer bottle and practice the same movements with the badminton racket but note that it should be slow and moderate, do not lose patience but easily injure your wrist because all is tendon with cartilage.

Personally, I practice the technique of twisting the biceps to better pray. The force created entirely from a combination of biceps + shoulders + whole arms. This method is difficult but really effective because the tendon and cartilage in her hands to practice it well when smash has to say very long sometimes it takes 3-5 years while the other technique works hard. it only takes you 1 year if you really have the method.

4. Bridge dams are often slammed into frames. Causes – how to fix it

– The bridge is broken because you jump too early, the bridge must combine many factors at the same time, generally we are calm, the bridge in front of about 30 cm of the dam is the best, not to snuggle and not fly go out, remember to fold your wrist when beating, when you hit the ball too wrong, must pay attention to the opponent’s moves too.

– The bridge breakage is caused by a poor feeling of the bridge, the feeling of the falling position as well as the bridge in the air and the partially moving way has not been completed. Those factors combined will occur the above situation.

To overcome should practice how to move doubles, very smoothly when there is no bridge and racket. Why is it that when you have mastered the skill, then move on to practicing the ones that you often get hit, it is best if you do not have the basic, you should take a basic course because anyway, you still have to learn but must say that you have to practice “real”.