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Badminton doubles technique for men and women (Part 3)

When in defensive posture, two players will stand in a parallel position, that is, spread to the left and right.

Defensive defense of the bridge

Pushing the bridge deep, bouncing: Bringing the bridge up in an invisible way will create conditions for the opponent to continue beating the bridge, but now you have no other choice. If the net is installed, it may be beaten at any time.

If you have the power to sprung, then sprung back as soon as possible and hope the rear bumps will lessen burning or reduced power, now take the opportunity to counterattack.


This is an extremely reasonable choice in the technique of playing badminton for men and women for you to switch from defense to attack. At this point, try to put the bridge over the control and fall right behind the back of the person in front (the bridge falls between the front and back).

At this time the opponent will be very difficult to continue to hit the bridge. high probability will cede that opportunity to you. If you do this correctly, you should be prepared to move into an offensive position.


This defensive move is very effective when the opponent is far from the net, however, your movements must be very accurate and “okay”. If the net is set too far or too far, accidentally create conditions for the opponent smashing the quality bridge.

The important thing is that you have to stick to the net, because teammates will not know how your shot, how the flight is, it is difficult to react if the opponent can hit the same net phase.

Half-pitch pushing

This shot is quite similar to cross-crossing, but its purpose is only to send the ball across the opponent’s court, effective when the person standing on the edge of the net is too close. Although it will be quite difficult to pass the upper hand, but if successful, the ability of the opponent will give you a chance to smash with their high kick.

Net defense

In addition to dams, the second most effective method of attack for the men’s and women’s badminton technique is using a net. Net netting is the best way to counter small drops, but if the bridge falls below the edge of the net, it is optional to use the shot, push, tuck or pull the net.