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What Dance Style Is Best for Your First Spin with Your Spouse? (Part 3)

Hip-Hop Dance
Dance begins at 2:00 mark. If you and your spouse are more interested in modern music than the classics and you’re expecting to get the party going right off the bat, a hip hop dance would definitely do the trick. As a popular dance style in the recent decades, there are many different movements from hit songs to select from. Depending on your dedicated time, a change of attire is essential to get into the moves. The key to hip hop is engaging and you won’t need a choreographer to teach your routine – typically, you can create one out of the movements you already know. Most modern hip-hop, rap, or R&B songs will be the perfect choice to set the right atmosphere for your dance. It makes a great atmosphere for the celebration.

Free-Form or a Mash-Up
If you’re expecting to include a variety of different songs or dance movements, the possibilities to choose are endless. You can select your favorite dances and couple them with different tunes to suit your personal style. No need to hire a choreographer – unless you’d like to – you and your spouse can work out the routine yourselves. This style’s appeal is tailored: decide if you’ll do a quick step, who you’d like to include, and in what order your movements take place.

Flash Mob
As a phenomenon only popular in the last few decade or so, a “flash mob” dance requires the participation of many people beside your partner. If you are not familiar with the concept, a “flash mob” is a type of dance that started with only a few people, and overtime, more and more gradually to be included in. By the end of the song, a whole bunch of loved ones are dancing. Traditionally, these are dace used in public as a surprise to passengers, but your guests will be just as amazed as your routine develops with the participation of bridal party members, friends, and family. Add your own personal movement, spotlight certain individual, have sections of song wherein just small group dances join. Not much different from a mash-up, any song selection or dance style will work, but it requires the participation from others and far more preparation and practice than the other forms!

What Dance Style Is Best for Your First with Your Spouse? (Part 1)

You have probably wondering what dance style might be the best for you and your new spouse to perform during your reception. We understand that, engaged couples spend plenty of time choosing their first dance song, without considering the dance style that best fit to perform in this very special moment. In this post, we’ve listed some of the most famous dances to help you decide.

The Sway

This is the most appropriate for those who don’t have much time to spend on preparing for their first dance. Choosing this you might get extra time to focus energy on other aspects of wedding planning. This type of dance is similar to the “slow dance” from high school in which you do a simple sway back and forth with arms wrapped around each other. It can be danced to a variety of slow pace songs which allow light, sentimental chatting between the pair, and a great opportunity to relax the mind after the hectic time of wedding planning.

The Slow Dance

This is a more formal than the sway as it consists of a certain “hold” and “touch” – right hands of the couple held together and their left hands placed on either the spouse’s shoulder/upper back or the waist. To begin, do side steps on particular counts then some pivots. It requires more preparation in order to master certain moves, although the choice of song choice will be similar to those of “the sway”. As long as you master the basic move, you can add in slow spins, dips, and lifts to customize the dance.

The Classic Waltz

Different from popular belief, a Waltz dance is faster than a traditional slow dance which includes a few different forms such as American, International, Cajun, Country Western, French, and Viennese. This style will require a bit of choreography as it involves a set of box steps and turning patterns. The selection of song will likely be sweet, modern ballad type.