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Getting ready for a double kayaks trip (Part 1)

Inflatable kayaking requires many qualities and skills in the player. However, if you have the technical, physical and mental preparation, you will no longer feel awkward, able to master the oars and wait for interesting experiences. This play brings. Let’s take a look at what to prepare before going into the game with a inflatable Kayak!

The skills to prepare before entering the game with inflatable Kayak

If you’re new, learn about double kayaks first. There are not only one types of double kayaks but there are many types of boats with all materials: Wooden double kayaks, Composite Plastic double kayaks, Inflatable double kayaks, etc. In which, the line of inflatable double kayaks is becoming more and more popular. Variable by features compact, safe, flexible, maneuverable

The boats have different narrow width designs suitable for each purpose of use such as tourism double kayaks, fishing double kayaks, surfing double kayaks, etc.Choosing which boat design is mainly based on ability rowing your boat.

Participating in training sessions, kayaking classes (at Kayak sale and rental agents, or Kayak boat clubs, etc.) are necessary before you decide. Sitting on the boat alone and “going to the sea”. Training sessions will help you gain basic skills on how to balance on a boat, how to row, how to fix your legs and thighs when rowing, and skills to handle emergencies on your own boat.

Kayak has the beauty that players can conquer from low to difficult levels. From static environments such as rivers, lakes, bays, etc. to estuarine, stream, waterfall, sea, etc. Consider the environment that’s right for you.

Prepare rescue rescue when inflatable kayak

Sit at the right load

Double kayaks are designed for 2 people rowing. Therefore, depending on whether the boat is single or double, the weight of the occupants is how much to estimate the number of seats for the correct load.