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The difference between Ice Dancing and Pair Skating

Ice skating and pair skating look like skater, but two figure skating are very different. This short article explains these differences.

Ice dancing, at the same time, is like dancing on ice but becoming more and more athletic. In the pair of skates, the man lifts the woman above his head and the couple moves acrobatically with difficulty.

Spinning is done together in both areas, but in pairs of unique solo skating jumps and spin is also done in unison.

Ice Dancing can be completed alone

The dancers on the ice make complicated steps with the music and have to slide to a certain beat. Ice skating can be practiced and performed by solo skaters, but double-skating requires a team of both men and women.

Some holding hands and positions are expected

Most ice dancers like to dance for free. Figure skating fans also like to watch dancing for free as it is fun and beautiful to watch. Free skating and double skating can look like ice skating fans.

Pair skating is quite similar to single skating

Pair skating is a variation of single skating. Two skaters, a man and a woman, or a boy and a girl, skating together. Dance, spin, and footsteps are part of the free skating that occurs in double skating, and two skaters make lifts as well as additional pair spins and throwing jumps.


Music used in free dancing at the competition may include vocal arrangements. In double skating, only musical instruments are allowed in the competition, but that will change in 2015.

Adults like Ice Dancing

Performing model dance dances does not require dancing or spinning, so ice skating is common among adult figure skating. Social dance and weekend ice dance are popular activities among adult ice dancers.

Ice Dancers and Pair Skaters are great skateboarders

Some pairs of skaters also dance on tapes, and some ice dancers make pairs. In the past, skaters who didn’t like dancing chose ice skating, but in recent years that has changed.

However, above all, both subjects require strong skating and athletic skills.