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Golf Dos and Don’ts for beginners (part 2)

When you’re ready to get real on the golf course, make sure you:
DON’T: play on the course until you can get the ball airborne. Otherwise, you might interfere everyone else playing on the course.
DO: Be prompts and play as quickly as possible, ready to hit when it’s your turn.
DON’T: Take range balls to the golf course because many are limited-flight models, so you can’t even use it.
DO: Take the time to learn thoroughly all basic rules, etiquette and courtesy.

DON’T: pick up any unattended balls on the course, even if you can’t see anyone. It might belong to players from the other holes and touching it, You might ruin their good round.

DO: Mark your ball with some unique symbols of yours so you can easily identify it.

DON’T: Use a ball mark that is larger than a poker chip. It’s probably too much.
DO: socialize and accept invitations to join other groups as Golf is a social sport. It’s a great way for you and your partner to meet other couples.
DON’T: Mark your scorecard on or by the green because you will slow down other team’s progress, especially on a busy course. To avoid making people wait, you get to the next tee and do it.
DO: Take care of the golf course for other to play by ranking bunkers, replacing divots and fixing ball marks on the green grass.

And when you compete with your partner in the game:DON’T: Put too much pressure on winning or doing the right techniques

DO: Make it fun by initiating contests and ball-striking challenges.
DON’T: Be afraid of the power of betting. A prize worth a dollar for a two-putt, five bucks for a birdie is a fun way to heat up the challenge.

Finally but the most important
DO: Counting the good shots and forget about the bad ones.
DON’T: be discouraged as golf is tough as it’s the world best game ever. It can be deceptively simple and endlessly complicated; rewarding and maddening at the same time.

Golf Dos and Don’ts for beginners (part 1)

Golf is the greatest game in the world and not just for any single player but also for couple. Despite some daunting and intimidating moments that couples might face when getting started, couples will get a lot out of it. And, to help you and your partner take the plunge, here’s a definitive list of dos and don’ts.
First off:
DO: Start on a practice range instead of the golf course as the range is low-pressure for beginners to get acclimated to the game which also allow to stay as long as you wish.

DON’T: Be ashamed if you miss a shot or worry about anyone else at the range. as they were once a beginner, and they all know how hard it is for a beginner. They are judging you!

If you like golf and decide to pursue it seriously, then:
DON’T: Stress out over getting it right or achieve good results as the pressure is a disaster that could drive you away from the game.

DO: Book a professional coach to get a proper swing foundation as well as all the fundamental and rules. You can also practice with your partner in extra session as a recreational activity.

In case you are decided to craft your own swing, here are a few helpful tips.
DO: Try to incorporate a couple of poses at a time until you can do all of them seamlessly. First, learn the clubs and how to grip the club properly bending from your hips, getting your lead shoulder under your chin on the backswing then concentrating on the short game by chipping and putting before focusing on other clubs.
DON’T: Try to keep your head “down and still”, bend from your knees or stay flat-footed through impact.

Practice with your partner
DO: Learn with your partner would help both of you getting better and quicker at the same time ignite the heat and share some memorable time together.

Golf is one of the most expensive sports, so you don’t have to spend a fortune right away on purchasing equipment. Just Start slowly:
DO: Invest in some proper golf attire and a set of good glove to protect your palm. The vast majority of golfers use them.
DON’T: Worry about buying your own equipment until you can master the swing and don’t waste money buying head-covers for your irons.

Couple of Basic Golf Tips for the Beginner

As we already explain the benefits of couple playing golf together to strengthen health and romance in the previous articles, in this one, we will introduce some basic tips for you and your partners to start this meaningful journey.

Basically, learning to play golf is not difficult, it also a life long journey of continuous self improvement. Thus, at first, don’t worry about getting expensive, shiny, and latest golf clubs even if you got pockets full of cash as you are not good enough to utilize them. Start out simple with a beginner set includes odd-numbered irons (3, 5, 7, 9), a 3-wood, a driver, a pitching wedge and a putter or rent a used set from the course until you master a certain level. By that time, invest in an expensive set, it worth the price, you know what kind is appropriate for your playing style and you also appreciate them much more.

After setting up with golf clubs, now you going to need some solid instruction from a professional golf coaches, unless you or your partner got some experience. It’s important that you get the fundamentals right at the beginning, otherwise you’ll struggle later. If you choose to start with your partner’s guidance, keep in mind that you must be patient as your partner may not be able to clearly explain the mechanics of the movements in a clear non-frustrating manner. In case, you choose to sign up for golf lessons in golf course, it can cost around USD 20 to USD 50 per hour. You can begin with two or three lessons at the beginning then increase the frequency if it feels right.

Although I believe that after the first couple of rounds, you’ll probably be hooked. So, be patient and have a lot of fun playing with your partner.

Golfing Brings The Best Experiences for Couples

You might think that playing golf is boring; but it is actually not. Calculating the route, paying attention to the wind, the sand and the trees around holes requires a lot of effort and players can have a lot of fun.

Golfing is especially good for couples. In this article, we will point out some of the best things that playing golf can do to help couples to heat-up their relationship.

  1. Golfing is the chosen one for the least active couples out there. Those who want to relax with their loved one but don’t want to put in too much physical effort, playing golf is perfect option. Surrounding yourself and your partner with the beautiful nature is relaxing and helps calming your relationship, especially if you are on a fight.
  2. Playing golfing teaches couples about patience. While playing, you have to wait for your partner to calculate trajectories, wind direction, and squint to find the hole, it all requires patience. So it’s very good training, if your relationship is lacking in that department. If you can be patient enough to wait for your turn, you can be patient to deal with your partner’s issues.
  3. Another great thing about playing golf is the calmness. No one is yelling, no cars honking, nothing going by very fast which will help your mood to calm as well. The best thing is no one will interrupt the two of you playing on the course. You can have a couple hours of peaceful moment, watching the birds on the court, or the clouds. Whatever you do, you’re bound to have fun and being there together would make you realize how wonderful you are together.
  4. Golfing is good to improve your physical strength as well. Walking 18 holes takes a lot of strength and energy. You´ll tone your body and burn calories without trying too hash.

So what are you waiting for? Buy some golf clubs and head to the court.