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Things regular couples can learn from pairs skaters

Couples watching skaters are probably hoping their relationships would be more like the ones on the ice, gliding across the ice with smiles and interlaced hands. Everything is in sync, movement is mirrored by another. Muscle meets with grace. They spend way more time together than most married couples. Do you know that you and your partner can be just like that and here’s how they make it work.

1. Share a purpose
One thing that really helps skaters tay in sync is having a common goal. Thinking of your romantic partnership as a team, sharing the same dream and working together to get through challenges and become stronger. At the end of the day, that’s how things work. Discovering a shared dream might take time and efforts. For some couples, that purpose might be raising a family while others have bigger purposes such as Bill and Melinda Gates whose mission is to cure the world of malaria. You can start at a smaller scale as helping out your community. With the sharing purpose, anytime you disagree, it’s probably because you’re trying to get to the same place, so that makes it easy to get over. You both might have very agreeable personalities and a lot of respect for one another so it never escalates.

2. Talk, talk seriously
Communication is great for any couples even skaters. Communication helps skaters develop skills together which also apply to couples. Whenever you’re on a different page or have a different vision on things, sit down and talk about it efficiently. To get a common point, it requires a constant back-and-forth. For skaters, whenever they’re in a tight spin, they’re communicating without anyone knowing by body language. They know what the other is thinking before even one has to talk it out loud. So, it’s safe to say: Communication is critical to any partnership, romantic or otherwise. Talk as much as you can and to do it right, you must get the message across so that your partner hear what you meant to say.