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Tandem skydiving in Dubai (Part 1)

With its long coastline, sunny and windy weather, sea sports and outdoor sports are an experience not to be missed when traveling in Dubai. In particular, skydiving is becoming more and more popular as an attractive sport, helping visitors conquer the sky.

To put it simply, Skydiving is an activity that you will jump from the sky, from a light aircraft. And according to professional people are called tandem skydiving. Skydiving is an action sport in which you will jump off an airplane in the air and fall freely back to earth in accordance with the laws of gravity.

The process of skydiving begins with a state of free fall for a certain period of time after leaving the aircraft, the speed of falling gradually increases and the skydiver parachutes out at a certain height above the ground.

With the adventure game Skydive, you will be jumping with a professional skydiver, and from the expertise they call pair dancing. So, you do not need to know a little bit about skydiving techniques to join Skydive.

1. Skydiving – a fascinating sport when traveling in Dubai

The world came to know the term “skydiving” for the first time on October 22, 1797, when André Jacques Garnerin made the pioneering jump in human history at an altitude of 980m. After that, skydiving was mainly used in the military and became one of the effective ways to help soldiers access important fronts from the air.

Skydiving was recognized as an international competitive sport in 1952 and it is now one of the most popular adventure sports for thrilled athletes.

In Dubai, skydiving is a popular sport, attracting a large number of people and visitors to attend. If you have the opportunity to stay in Dubai for a long time, you can sign up for package classes to fly yourself in the sky soon. But if you’re just visiting Dubai for a few days, the best way for you to experience this sport is tandem skydiving.