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Effective tips to apply when playing doubles tennis (Part 1)

Doubles tennis requires players to have tactics and coordinate with each other smoothly. When playing this sport, before the match, 2 members of each team need to agree on tactics. Here are the tennis tactics that members should refer to to bring the tone and fit on the pitch.

1. Summary of strategies in tennis doubles

Grid access

This is a tactic where you can get points directly from the net balls. When you play a game that overwhelms the match, it is possible to make shots on the opponent’s leg. To hit volley easily, you need to approach the net. This will make the opponent reflexes in time and easy to eat points.

Move between the grid sides

Moving from side to side will put a lot of pressure on the opponent’s duo. Because players are not allowed to hit the ball on the net, the players often try to change the direction of the ball more diverse. It will help you find points easily and can eat points directly.

Hit the ball into the position of the foot of the person near the net

Hitting the ball down to the lower knee from the ankle usually causes difficulty for the opponent. They will not promptly reflect or if the ball is supported, the ball also bounces. Then you just need to be mentally prepared to be able to have an effective ball hunt. A strong to spin or a slight volley to the opponent’s leg can also help you easily score points the first time.

Attack deep into the yard

When you perform the tennis ball movements, you should choose the end of the field as a finishing point. When the ball is at the back of the field, it will cause the opponent to step back and then you will have time to find yourself the appropriate standing.

Moreover, the shots from the back of the court will greatly reduce the force. So you can easily prevent. To score, you should use your dominant hand to hit the ball towards the back of the field.