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The basic rules to calculate scores in tennis doubles (Part 2)

4. Unordered serves in tennis doubles

If a player does not serve in the correct order, he or she shall serve the ball immediately after the error is discovered. The previously calculated points remain the same. If the game ends before the error is detected, the serve sequence continues in the wrong order.

5. Error And Order Of Handing serve In Doubles

If in a game, the order in which the ball is served is changed by the people who serve it, the error continues until the end of the game, when the error is discovered. The players will return to the correct order to serve the original serve in the next game of that set.

6. Bad serve in doubles

Bad serve as set out in Article 10 or if the ball touches the partner of the server. But if the ball is delivered in contact with the team-mate the player who catches the serve is not a re-strike as stated in Article 24a before the ball hits the court, the player who serves the ball is awarded.

7. The Rules of Politics in Doubles

In tennis doubles, after the serve, the ball may be played, played back, by any pair of players. If a player touches the ball in play with his racquet against the rules then the opponent will win the point.

Unless otherwise stated, everything stated in this law for male players also includes women.

8. Instructions For The Doubles Backline

Usually people use a combination of single and double yard.

First, choose the position of the grid, draw a line of 12.8 m long. Mark the middle (X as shown), from there measure and orientate each side to identify points

– From 4.11 m to point a and point b where the mesh cuts within the vertical boundary.

– From 5.03 m to the position of single support pile (wooden slats) n- n.

– From 5.49 m to points A and B where the mesh cuts outside the vertical border.

– From 6.40 m is the position of NN grid column, the final position of the main line is 12.8 m.