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Workout to must-try for couple (Part 2)

If you are finding some sports co-working with your couple, you can reference our following article. We collect top outstanding workout to practice with partner.

It’s wonderful to do something with your partner to improve relationship better while feeling comfortable and easy.

4, Hamstring raise

You and your partner start on knees in plank position, then both keep down feet tightly. 

In this pose, two people practice at the same side. Then you put the whole body in one straight line, from knees to shoulders. The next step, you lower knees slowly to the floor while your hands are in push-up pose.

You should press strongly against to the ground within 30 seconds, then quickly to back up the starting pose. It finishes one set. 

It’s better to do 3 sets continuously.

Once you do hamstring raise, you feel tension in all hamstrings of body. This is the reason why it is called hamstring raise.

5, Lunges

This workout is simple but it helps to wake up all muscles on your body quickly.

Firstly, you face up with your partner and clasp hands each other. Immediately, picking up the right foot back into this pose while your partner uses the left foot.

The next step, both lower knees slowly until it touches to the ground. Finally, you push the left foot to return it to starting position. It finishes one set easily within 20 seconds.

Both switch hands and feet contradictorily and repeat at least 6 sets continuously so that it brings good benefits for muscles.

6, Swing-Ups

Both sit on the ground in facing position. Then bending knees. You put your feet and knees in one side while your partner is under your inner thighs. He is responsibility to hold your feet.

Both lower bodies slowly backward to the ground and raise arms over heads. It finishes one set within 20 seconds.

You do 6 sets.

Workout to must-try for couple (Part 1)

It’s great to play together and stay together with your partner. It only helps to improve health issues like burning calories or sculpting muscles but also is a good way to connect each other closer and closer.

Let do any workout with your partner to maintain a good relationship from normal jobs in daily life. 

If you are confusing about which workout can play with partner, following our article. We recommend some exercises to must-try for couple.

1, Pressing with partner

Put your guy lie on the floor whereas you are opposing with his him and straddling his ankles. 

As soon as you are leaning your body forward, you continue to keep overall body in a straight line and clasp hands tightly.

Immediately you lower your body as plank position while your partner pushes you away then practice a chest press. One cycle will prolong within one minute.

You should do this pose 4 times with 1 minute for break time.

2, Squats

Couple will face each other about 3 feet apart while holding hands to get balanced. 

You keep the whole weight in your heels while putting hips into a squat. 

Remember that two players don’t allow to let away each other. Then you push your heels back to standing pose.

You keep this pose within 20 seconds. Then take a rest for 10 second and repeat 6 times.

Squat is useful to bring durability for bones and muscles around hips.

3, Core Crushers

This pose looks like interesting to connect your partner.

The male will be ready in plank position to hold your feet while you are in a sit-up position. 

You feel great when pushing mood to maintain sit-up position from your partner. It helps you to maintain longer. 

Try to hold it within 2 minutes. Then you can switch positions each other.