The basic rules to calculate scores in tennis doubles (Part 1)

The following article will help you better understand the rules of tennis doubles in a most detailed and concise manner. Help you practice hitting sometimes playing tennis easier, avoid making unnecessary mistakes.

1. The Rules of Doubles Tennis Court

For doubles, the pitch is 10.97 m wide, which means each side is 1.37 m wider than the single court.

2. The Rules of the Order of serving when pairing

The order of service will be decided when starting each set.

The couple who is entitled to serve in the first game will send the player to serve first and the opposing team will also send the first serve in the second game. The first game partner will serve in the third set; The second game partner will serve the fourth game and the sequence will continue in the next games of the set.


When doubles, a team member fails to arrive on time, can the other player ask to play alone with the other team?



3. The Rules of the Order of serving in doubles

The order in which the ball is to be served will be determined before the start of each set.

The serving pair in the first game will select the first serve and that person will continue to receive the first serve in the individual games of that set. It is the same for the opponent, deciding who to serve first in the second game and who continues to serve first in even games of the whole set. Teammates take turns serving from beginning to end of each game.


Is it allowed to stand in a team doubles match of a player who serves or blocks serve?


Yes. The teammate of the serving player and teammate of the serving player shall have the right to stand at any place on their side, including outside the court.