The principles to effectively play double tennis (Part 1)

As a popular sport in recent times, tennis is not only for 1 player but you can also match 2 people. This is the way to help you improve the spirit of solidarity in life. However, to play double tennis effectively, you need to equip yourself with the most useful knowledge.

Any sport, not just tennis, has its own tactics and principles of how to be most effective. And with tennis to play 2 people effectively, you need to follow the following rules.

First, maximize the ability of each person in the double fight to arrange the most appropriate polishing position.

Second, maintain tennis polish between two stable people, but if you keep hitting it continuously, it will be easily guessed by the opponent. Therefore, it is necessary to change to more diverse strikes such as good ball cutting, good net catching, good demi volley, dangerous tire, etc.

Third, when playing double tennis should combine left-handed people in combination with right-handed people because they can compensate for each other’s weaknesses. In terms of communicating with teammates on the field, it is necessary to talk a lot to understand each other.

Fourth, in particular, in case of playing tennis 2 people should learn information about each other to understand the beating of both 2. Since then, there will be reasonable adjustments when the two combine into a pair of doubles.

The key to playing tennis 2 winners

Along with the principle of hitting 2 people, to create the weaknesses that determine the victory of both, you need to note the following characteristics.

The importance of attack

The decisive factor for the result of the tennis double competition comes from direct attacks, you have to be brave to attack, not just to defend. A good attacking position is a net, which team controls the net will control the result of each ball on a match.