The principles to effectively play double tennis (Part 2)

Coordinate combat capabilities

You need to respect and understand the abilities of your teammates, constantly communicate actively to encourage each other in competition.

Do not be aggressive in the blows, on the contrary, have to lead and ask your teammates how to coordinate well in each shot.

Smoothly move with your teammate, keeping the side of each side to avoid a polished area, how to make the attacks or support the most effective.

Coordinate delicate and final shots

There is a lot of information about double tennis but the general rule is to fight so that the opponent can hardly hit the strong shot, making the opponent hit high or horizontal to make it easier for him to fight, thereby giving the punches intended to kill the opponent.


Tennis is recorded “0”, “15,” “30” and “40”. When you win four points, you win a match, unless you score at 40. In that case, the score will be “deuce”. You will need to win by two points. If you are delivering tennis balls and win the next point, the score will be “Ad”. If you lose the next point, the score will be “Ad-point”. If you win points after logging in, you will win the game. If you lose points after logging in, the game will return to stop working.

Win a Set and match

If the score is between 6 and 5, you play another game. If it becomes 7-5, the team with seven wins will win. If the score is 6 to 6, you will play one end. The first team won seven points with a winning rate of 2 points. If the tiebreaker goes from 7 to 6, play another point.

If the score becomes 8 to 6, the team has eight winning points and sets, scored from 7 to 6. If the player breaks from 7 to 6 and the score will be 7 to 7, you will continue to play for until a team wins by two points. You win a match by winning two of three sets.