The principles to effectively play double tennis (Part 3)

Sides and Boundaries

Before start playing double tennis, you and your partner need to decide which game to play, or on the right side of the field and the player will play the ad or on the left. Your opponent must also do this. You must receive the tennis ball delivery on your designated side throughout this set. You can change the faces at the beginning of the next set. However, in this moment, you can cross the center line to hit the ball.

Your partner will often switch sides with you when you cross. When the point ends, you must start the next point on your designated side. The pair uses the pair on the sidelines and ignores the singles on the sidelines.

The double arena is 4.5 feet wider on each side than the single arena. If a ball hits anywhere inside the field, on any part of the line or outside the line, the ball is good.

Start serving

Toss a coin or spin a tennis racket to determine who handed the tennis ball first. If your team chooses to hand the tennis ball first, discuss it with your double partner that one of you will deliver the first game tennis ball. You need to keep that order for the entire collection. So, if you hand over the first game of tennis, a member from the opposing team will hand over the second game of tennis.

Your partner assigns the third game tennis ball and the person from the opposition team has not handed the tennis ball to the fourth game.

If anyone makes a mistake in the process of setting up and not working, as soon as someone recognizes the error, the server must continue to deliver tennis balls of the rest of the game. You can change the order of service at the beginning of each set, and you need to know how to hold the right-handed tennis racket to get the correct serve.