Things couples can learn from pairs skaters (part 2)

3. Forgiveness is divine

If you compare your Valentine’s Day gift of some dumb little thing from CVS with your partner lost you a gold medal, well, you might be able to take a deep breath and calm down.

Forgiveness is key to skating partnerships as well as relationships, where little errors in implementation can mean the difference between victory and being defeat.

Imagine that some tiny mistakes can cost them to lose points, and it’s the same in relationships, the little thing like forgetting to take out the garbage, or to put the toilet seat down, etc. is pretty much the same. It’s those really tiny things that are hard to forgive but really should be forgiven.

Skaters never to leave the ice mad, as they consider that life is about moments: If one hate other this moment, they may still love each other the next.

4. Learn to trust

Falling backward into someone’s arms can cause anxiety, that’s why trust-building corporate is so important to pairs skating. In fact, many people just can’t handle it — even great skaters individually.

Giving up control and surrendering to a partner is hard for anyone, but we all should learn to do it because anything takes hard work but you should know that your partner will be there for you despite their strong personalities. In a stressful situation, the ability to trust will help build a great and long- lasting relationship. 

5. Define your roles

Men take the lead in pair skating, and even if that sounds a little retrograde for regular couples, the same rule should be applied.Who washes dishes, who take responsibility for the laundry, the tasks should be equally divided and try switching roles regularly. Once a week — trading bathroom cleaning for cooking, for example, ycan give each partner a break and help you appreciate what the other person does.