Things for Couples to Do at Home


A couple spending quality time together at home and having fun.

Have you ever felt like sometimes you just can’t be bothered to go out, but still want to do something fun at home…so that you’re not wasting the day or night together? Or perhaps both of you can’t leave home due to other commitments but still have flexibility of time to squeeze in some down time with your partner? This doesn’t mean that you are a boring couple and it is perfectly normal to simply want to spend time together in the comfort of your own home. We totally get you! We have those moments too, especially on weekends where we’re just not in the mood to leave our cosy home, or we’ve just had a massive weekend the week before. All these years being together as a couple (since 2008 in fact!), we’ve picked up a few fun things for couples to do at home, and the best of all, most of them do not require you to spend a lot of money or as much as a night out would cost!

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To get started, check out our first post on the best movies for couples, a perfect way to spend the night in!

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