Three best ballroom dancing for couples

There are numerous dancing style which involve two partners moving together around the dance floor; however, the most traditional type of couples dancing is ballroom dancing which is also the most romantic. Ballroom dancing includes the Waltz, Cha-Cha, the Fox Trot and so on. These dances come from different areas all over the world featuring smooth flow and classic elegance bringing 2 souls closer together.

In this article, we will briefly introduce to you these 3 dances so that you can choose the style suits you and your partner.

The Waltz

Most couples dance begin with the basic box step in which dancers will be moving theirr feet in the shape of a square in six movements. Both dancers will begin with a bit of open space between them and their feet together, then they will mirror each other’s movements. The leader’s right hand is placed on the partner’s waist, and the left hand hold the partner’s right hand. The follower’ left hand is on the leader’s right shoulder with the right hand grasping the leader’s open hand. The leader starts with the left foot stepping forward, then the right leg steps out to the right followed by pulling the left foot to meet the right, both feet together. For the second set of movement, the leader will step back with the right foot, then the left foot steps to the left followed by bringing the right foot to meet the left.


The Cha-Cha is danced to the beat of 2-3-cha-cha-cha. In this dance, the leader will begin with a small forward step with the left foot on the second beat of the music, then rocking back onto the right foot on the third beat. In simpler terms, the move is left step-together- left step and vice versa in which one foot catching up to the other every other step. If the leader starts with a step to the left, it is referred to as a chasse left, and will alternate to chasse right in the next steps.


The foxtrot is another classic ballroom dancing, with a simple slow-slow-quick-quick rhythm, making it a great dance for couples of all levels. Beginning with both partners facing each other and follow the traditional box step dance. The leader starts with walking forward with the left foot (slow), walking forward with the right foot (slow), stepping aside with the left foot (quick), and stepping together bringing the right foot next to the left (quick). The follower in turn will follow the same pattern with the opposite foot.

These are just a few dances couples of any level can master among various other kinds of exciting dances inculding Salsa, Tango, Two-Step, and Swing. It is a great way to build teamwork and trust, and serves as a great exercise…while having a great time together.