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On vacation at a resort the poolside during sunset.

Since going on vacation is one of the most fun activities we do as a couple, and probably for you too, we decided to create a whole section about it! Here you will find vacation ideas for couples, stories about our adventures, tips and suggestions on what to do and sometimes what not to do.

With traveling there is a new adventure around every corner and as you go on more vacations you find more fun things to do as a couple. You never know, one day you might come across the ‘perfect place’ for both of you…somewhere that you’ll want to return to over and over again. Regardless of whether you want to relax, lay by the beach, take part in amazing tours or adventures…or just eat good food, there will be a perfect vacation for every couple.

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To get started, check out our post on why we think traveling as a couple is great. This is where the fun starts, enjoy!

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A couple stand up paddle boarding during sunset.
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Traveling together as a couple is great for building a healthy relationship.
Benefits of Traveling as a Couple
Traveling is a big part of our relationship, and we strongly encourage every couple to embrace it. While we travel, we make happy memories, which last forever. It is important to constantly create precious memories together as a couple because time is limited.
A panoramic view of a cruise ship while cruising as a couple.
Cruises for Young Couples
Many young couples have a strong perception that cruising is only suited for the over 50’s. We have to admit, we were no different. But boy, we were so wrong!

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