Work-out excersises to do with your partner (part 2)

Cross jump lunges

Start out doing 20 reps, then work it up for more. Cross jump lunges is a great cardio exercise, in which you’re facing each other, and challenge one another to go deeper into the lunge and push further past the 20 reps that you initially set out at the first place.

Jump squat with high five

Do 10 reps on each side then swap, gradually building up to 20 reps on each side. Doing this exercise, you should keep an upbeat tempo so you don’t lag behind and remember to mindful of your abs all the time to help you power through.

Wheelbarrow push ups

Do 10 reps, then swap. You’re also the ‘spot’ for this exercise so as soon as you notice your partner is struggling with the long form push-up position, you can help gently by placing their feet down on the floor for safety. Just make sure you bend together, and encourage your partner to stay strong and focussed throughout this challenging workout.

Leg toss and kiss

Do 10 reps of leg lifts, then swap. When doing the leg toss, you should focus on the ribcage so that you feel it imprinting down while stay relaxed in the shoulders, and press your hands down into floor. In case you experience lower back discomfort, jusy place your hands under your hips to help with the form.

Flat back chair twist

20 twists, gradually increasing for more. This is a great partner exercise as it requires lots of trust. In this excersice, you are required to lock hands and pull back from each other to sit down into an imaginary chair. Remember to keep your knees directly over ankles as bending to touch the floor, and you’ll feel the burn in your legs as well as in the waistline.

Couple combo (mountain climbers and wall sit)

Do 3 rounds of 30 seconds, then do 60 seconds, then increase 90 seconds, switching in between each one. This combo is basic although make sure you focus on encouraging each other to push, push, push! If mountain climbers aren’t challenging enough, hold a plank instead.